Divine Fortune Review – Become Legendary

Divine Fortune Review

If ancient Greeks had the opportunity to play slots, would they have? If the graphics were as good as they are in Divine Fortune I’m sure they would have! Immerse yourself in reels filled with mythical creatures, riches and heaps of fun. Read our Divine Fortune review below to find […]

Conan Exiles Early Access First Impressions – Let’s Get Naked

Conan Exiles Early Access First Impressions

Age of Conan made a huge name for itself with it’s gameplay, combat mechanics and full-blown nudity. Conan Exiles moves toward being something quite similar but played from a first-person point of view and filled with crafting/survival mechanics. Watch our Conan Exiles Early Access first impressions video below to find […]

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Review – This Game Is Brutal!

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Review

As I sat there rocking my 10 week old baby boy to sleep in his bouncer, I thought I had a few minutes to spend trying out Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. Those few minutes eventually turned into hours and thanks to my little boy, he stayed asleep for that whole […]

U-Dimensions 3D Printed Collectibles

U-Dimensions 3d Printed Collectibles

3D printing is becoming more and more popular as technology gets more advanced. We’re already seeing things like 3D printed food, human body parts and machinery. It’s obviously taking the world by storm! And because it’s so popular and readily available, it’s a perfect opportunity for game developers to start […]

Road Not Taken Review

Road Not Taken Review

Spry Fox LLC have been responsible for many of my gaming addictions. I first became acquainted with their addictive games when I played Triple Town. After that it was Alphabear that kept me captivated for hours on end. Now with Road Not Taken, I can see Spry Fox LLC’s imagination […]

(Ended) Watch This Steam Key Giveaway

Watch This Steam Key Giveaway

We reviewed Watch This! a while ago and have got our hands on an extra Steam key! So we’re running a Watch This Steam Key Giveaway! Watch This! is a first-person, platformer with elements of horror. Jump your way to victory or become victim to the nefarious traps lurking around […]

Osiris: New Dawn Early Access Gameplay and Review

Osiris: New Dawn Early Access Gameplay and Review

Early access games can either be hit or miss. Osiris: New Dawn has definitely hit the nail on the head with their early access. Explore an alien planet, build a settlement, take on indigenous fauna and pilot amazing vehicles! Watch our Osiris: New Dawn Early Access gameplay and review video […]

RIVE – Wreck! Hack! Die! Retry! Gameplay and Review

RIVE - Wreck! Hack! Die! Retry! Gameplay and Review

When humour can be mixed into a game, the experience becomes that much more enjoyable. With some very creative and amusing dialogue,¬†RIVE – Wreck! Hack! Die! Retry! does a great job mixing exciting gameplay with enjoyable narrative. Watch our RIVE – Wreck! Hack! Die! Retry! gameplay and review video below […]

Furi Review

Furi Review

A game can be truly beautiful and also provide astounding gameplay. That’s what we at GameReviewsAU believe. And The Game Bakers have proven us very right with their latest action game, Furi. Filled with mystery, plenty of boss phases and requirements of swift reflexes, we’ve had our hands full just […]

Watch This Gameplay and Review

Watch This! Gameplay and Review

Reality TV shows have been a big thing for a very long time, but would you watch one that involved death? Watch This! by indie developer, CivilSavages, have made a game that depicts what a reality show that involves monsters, traps and death might be like. Watch our Watch This […]

Pavilion Review

Pavilion Review

Recently there have been a couple of fourth-person puzzle games coming out such as the GO series. Lara Croft GO was the first we were to experience, and it showed us that there are still unique ideas waiting to be created. Pavilion takes things in a slightly new direction by […]