Dungeon Boss Review

Extra PVP Option

Dungeon Boss Raid
Getting sniper shotted from the beginning of a raid isn’t fun.

Once you reach player level ten, a new tab will open up which takes you to your own dungeon. Your dungeon generates gold which you can collect over time, but it can also be stolen by other players.

In order to defend your dungeon, you’ll need to choose which four heroes from your arsenal you’d like to be the protectors.

Defending heroes will be controlled via AI so you’d better make sure you put in some pretty durable dudes and dudettes.

When attacking a dungeon, it plays the same way it would when entering a regular campaign dungeon minus the minions. Straight away you’ll be thrown up against the opposing player’s heroes that they’ve chosen as their defence.

Dungeon Boss Raid
Check out the statistics of your raids to see how far the battle swung in your favour.

Upon defeating your enemy, you will be rewarded with the gold that their dungeon has accumulated as well as some extra points to go towards summoning extra strong heroes and a few ranking points.

However, apart from being an extra way to earn loot, the PVP aspect of Dungeon Boss seems to be quite boring and also feels like it was added purely as an extra way to prolong to play session. Being in ‘control’ of your very own dungeon doesn’t really feel like an added incentive but more of an added burden.

When searching through available players to raid, you can re-roll at a price to change the options given to you until you come across one who is easy enough for you to plow through, or run out of money. But seeing as you can do that, so can other players. Therefore you’re not very likely to be earning much extra gold from your dungeon unless you’ve got an absolutely unbeatable team.

Aesthetic Charm

Dungeon Boss Boss
What a charming little boss goblin.

The cubic design of all the heroes and monsters is really quite attractive and the animations of each ability are incredibly satisfying to watch. It’s a relief to see Big Fish Games not slacking in the animation department like so many other games similar to this genre have.

Musically, Dungeon Boss is a delight to listen to. The score heard in each stage captures the level’s atmosphere perfectly and the sound effects associated with being damaged, spells being cast or levelling up provide that extra bit of pleasure to your inner geek.

The extra little bits of interactivity are quite fun too. During dungeons you might see part of the scenery sparkling. If you tap these bits you’ll be rewarded with rewards like stamina or hammers to go towards upgrading your own dungeon.

Final Thoughts

Seeing as Dungeon Boss is free to download and doesn’t force in-app purchases on you, I really would recommend downloading this and seeing for yourself if you happen to enjoy it. I myself am still a bit confused as to why I have the urge to keep playing it when I don’t exactly find it as titillating as I’d like to.

The gameplay is very basic and easy to get into but the end game will have you grinding and farming like you’re trying to earn the Netherwing Drake in WoW.

Good luck with protecting your dungeons!


3 Star Review

3 stars – interesting and entertaining gameplay but a little too simple.

Good PointsPluses:

  • Lots of upgrades available that you can earn through playing.
  • Character skill animations are pretty cool.

Bad PointsMinuses:

  • PVP aspect is a bit pointless and just feels like it was added because it could be.
  • Battles are a little bit too simple and don’t require much skill.

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