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gamereviewsau August 8, 2017

Stronghold2D Review – A New Type of Tower Defence Game

Stronghold2D is an atypical type of tower defence game. Taking a more offensive path through it’s gameplay, this diamond in the rough created by game developer Hunter Long all by himself, provides plenty of building and cannons to build in order to take down your opposition. Read more in our
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gamereviewsau August 7, 2017

The Vagrant Gameplay and Review – A Scantily Clad Adventure

The side-scrolling genre of games is a timeless albeit overdone concept. Some games hit and become classics whereas others miss and fall short of the mark they were trying to make. The Vagrant is a satisfying, challenging and beautifully designed side-scrolling game that could easily become a classic. Watch our
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gamereviewsau July 29, 2017

No70: Eye of Basir Gameplay and Review – Immersion Packed With A Puzzling Story

Sometimes you come across a gem filled with beautiful graphics, well-thought out scenery and enthralling audio. But sometimes the story itself gets a bit perplexing. No70: Eye of Basir seems to be one of those games that looks absolutely stunning but fails to pull you into the story. Watch our
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gamereviewsau July 22, 2017

Star Tap Gameplay and Review – Tap Your Way Into Space

If you’re a fan of idle tapper games, there are plenty to choose from. However, the search for an idle tapper that stays with you for a long period of time can get quite tricky. It’s when you come across the ones that provide a unique concept that you start
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gamereviewsau July 20, 2017

Pool Strike Gameplay and Review

Playing pool is a great past time enjoyed by many! But now you can play it without having to leave the house or spend lots of money on buying your own pool table. Check out our Pool Strike gameplay and review below! Platform Used For Pool Strike Gameplay and Review:
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gamereviewsau July 16, 2017

Gangster League – The Payday Crime Review – Crime Doesn’t Pay, But Is Free To Play

Crime doesn’t pay. But in games, it can certainly pay off! Gangster League – The Payday Crime puts you in the shoes of a civilian as you try and become a super robber. Defeat enemy gangs, fend off oncoming police and upgrade you, your car and your lackys on your
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Gaming News

gamereviewsau July 21, 2017

Guess The Game – A Bit Of Musical Fun For Every Gamer

Test Your Gaming Knowledge With Guess The Game a new innovation from the minds behind GameReviewsAU Yes you might say we were bored, but then again you might also assume we love games that much! And if you said the latter then you are totally correct! However, it did take
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gamereviewsau July 14, 2017

Diablo 3 Necromancer Gameplay – Summoning Is Complete

Get back into the Necromancer class with Diablo 3’s latest update. We got our hands on a copy and tested out the Necromancer in all it’s deathly glory. Check out our Diablo 3 Necromancer gameplay video below! Platform Used For Diablo 3 Necromancer Gameplay: Metabox Prime P650RP-G, NVIDIA GeForce GTX
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gamereviewsau June 28, 2017

Pool Strike: Top Online 8 Ball Pool Billiards Game with Chat for Android and IOS

This amazing social 8 ball pool game has unique gameplay such as a 1-4 game that you can win 4 times more and get a strike bonus if you succeed to win at your first turn. Key Features of Pool Strike Preview: Realistic physics engine and online chat with friends
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gamereviewsau May 10, 2017

Escape Labyrinth Preview – Can You Get To The End?

Everyone loves tackling puzzles and when those puzzles are set in an Egyptian inspired labyrinth, the experience becomes that much more entertaining. Navigate your way through puzzling chambers, face off against an undead scourge and ultimately avoid death in this charming puzzler. Read more in our Escape Labyrinth Preview below!
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gamereviewsau April 27, 2017

ChekARs Augmented Reality Checkers Press Release – Taking Checkers to a New Level

CheckARs, The Latest Augmented Reality Experience That’s Bringing The Old School Game Of Checkers To Life BBIT-Solutions has introduced an all new Android game which is taking the old school boardgame to a whole new level! BBIT-Solutions is an apps and games-development studio for mobile devices, specialized in Android. Having
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gamereviewsau April 12, 2017

Closed: Bad Ass Babes Steam Key Giveaway

Bad Ass Babes by Thatcher Productions has received some new updates. To celebrate the new content and changes made to this crazy side-scrolling beat ’em up, we have four Steam keys to give away! Enter our Bad Ass Babes Steam key giveaway below and good luck! Congratulations to Matthew, Yevhenii,
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