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Rude Boy USA Solitaire Review – Taking Solitaire in a New Direction

Rude boy USA Solitaire is a new type of solitaire game. It follows the classic gameplay card game fans are familiar with but introduces a challenging test of reflexes mixed with a constantly moving graphic style. Read more in our Rude Boy USA Solitaire review below!

Platform Used For Rude Boy USA Solitaire Review: Samsung S7 Edge
Developer: Hairummat Entertainment
Genre: Card
Price: Free to play
Rating: 4 Star Review

Available to play on both Android smartphone and tablet devices, Rude Boy USA Solitaire takes the classic idea of the popular card-game and throws in a new concept: free-fall gameplay.

To put it simply, Rude Boy USA Solitaire has you creating sets of cards from their suits, but instead of drawing cards from the stock to create sets, you need to tap cards in order as they fall on your device’s screen. In other words, cards of all suits and values fall from the top of your screen to the bottom and it’s up to you to tap the ones that are required to create a set. So to begin with you need to tap the Ace card of a specified suit. Next you need to tap a 2, then a 3 etc. until you create the entire set.

Rude Boy USA Solitaire’s gameplay is really quite challenging as keeping an eye out for the correct cards can get quite tricky. Eventually all the suits start to look the same and you’ll find yourself struggling to keep up with the cards as they cascade before your eyes.

Should you tap a card that doesn’t go next in the set you are forming, you’ll lose a star coin. If you have no star coins left, the game will end. Star coins can be obtained by tapping them as they rain down the screen and act as ‘extra lives’.

The only thing I found difficult to overcome was the eventual feeling of motion sickness after focusing on so many cards as they slowly descended down my phone screen. But if you can handle watching your screen filled with slowly moving cards, designed around the Rude Boy USA book series so intently for a long period of time, Rude Boy USA Solitaire will prove to be an incredibly exigent and amusing game.

Rude Boy USA Solitaire Review Score

4 Star Review

4 stars – a unique take on the classic solitaire game

Good PointsPluses:

  • Unique gameplay
  • Attractive card designs

Bad PointsMinuses:

  • If you suffer from motion sickness, this game can easily make your head spin

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