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Among the Sleep Review

Among the Sleep incorporates a great physics engine that allows you to open drawers, cupboards, fridges and interact with pretty much anything you can see. Some puzzles and achievements require you to pick up certain items and throw them. This gives things an extra injection of realism and also lengthens the overall gameplay experience.

An extra little incentive when playing Among the Sleep are the many toddler-like drawings scattered around each area. The drawings depict some scenes we can only imagine are events the toddler has lived through.

All throughout Among the Sleep, you’ll be followed by a feeling of unease. Teddy will whisper to you that things look dangerous and you should be careful. Creepy sounds and crescendos in the music add a feeling of panic to your journey, and when you first encounter the creepy, tall, crazy-haired monster, you’ll be looking over your shoulder every time you hear something out of the ordinary.

Aesthetic Charm

Among the Sleep Graphics

The lighting and shadows are simply gorgeous.

From the moment you are taken upstairs and witness the introduction credits apparate before your eyes in the form of glowing lights, you can tell that you’re in for a visual treat. The graphics have a cartoony feel to them, resembling something you might see in a Pixar film. Everything in the real world is drawn with such bright, vivid colours. Each colour stands out the way you’d imagine a toddler to see them. In contrast, the imaginary world is dark, full of shadows and incorporates creepy distorted shapes to the overall design of things.

Playing as a toddler, you would expect their movement to be quite wobbly and Krillbite Studios certainly deliver in terms of wobbliness. It definitely injects an extra bit of realism to the character you are playing. Otherwise it might just feel like you’re playing as any FPS character in an overgrown world.

The soundtrack is eery and coats everything with an unnerving sheen. Sounds and effects raise goosebumps on your skin, especially when the monsters commence their pursuit of your tiny form.

Final Thoughts

Among the Sleep Environment

Among the Sleep has such imaginary environments and puzzles.

Among the Sleep is truly a masterpiece and tells a story we’re all too familiar with. This could be confronting to some, but the way it plays out through the eyes and imagination of a toddler, portrays it in a different light. Those of you who aren’t parents might stop and reflect on the adventure you’ve just played through. Parents might shed a tear or go and give an extra hug to their children.

The entire game is so smooth to play, and although it only lasts for around three hours, you’ll feel like those three hours just flew by. Krillbite Studios have added Steam achievements to the game, so there’s a bit of replayability in terms of collecting everything and unlocking each achievement.

If you’re looking for a game that relies more on telling a rich story rather than throwing you deep into an action-packed shootout, Among the Sleep will not disappoint. It’s story will leave you speechless but you won’t be able to help yourself from wanting more.


5 Star Review

5 stars – a twisted journey played through the eyes of a toddler with a confronting ending

Good PointsPluses:

  • The details put into playing a toddler adds an element of realism
  • Graphics are very imaginative as well as beautifully drawn
  • The story hints at it’s ending all throughout, but you’ll nevertheless be shocked when you reach the conclusion

Bad PointsMinuses:

  • I would love to have seen a longer story. Hopefully there’s a sequel of some sorts!
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