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Angry Birds 2 Review

Further Annoyances

Sorry to get back onto my soap box but there are a couple of other little bits about the sequel to Angry Birds that really get my goat.

I’m not sure if it’s just me getting on in years but it feels like the physics have become a lot less forgiving compared to the original Angry Birds. Parts of a tower just seem to be a bit stronger than they should be at times as well as a hell of a lot sturdier.

Angry Birds 2 Level

I would actually really like to see someone pass this section with just one bird. Come on, post a link to you doing it on YouTube in the comments below!

Another annoying part is when you have passed a section of a level but have no birds left, you are still moved on to the next section to watch the population of the towers and pigs only to be told afterwards that you have no more birds to fight with. It kind of makes sense that this happens so you can get a peak at what the next section has to offer, but when each section can be randomly generated, seeing how a section is built seems a bit pointless.

Aesthetic Charm

The graphics have mainly stayed the same with a few animation updates which are quite cute, but I feel the way pigs and structural components fly at the screen when destroyed is a bit over the top and detracts a bit from the originality of the Angry Birds series. It would seem Rovio are trying to aim at a much younger audience with their sequel which is fair enough, but for a sequel it feels like they’ve taken a step backwards rather than forwards.

Final Thoughts

Sequels are either hit or miss. Sequels to films are more often than not quite horrible compared to the original but the same doesn’t usually apply to games. Angry Birds 2 is one of the few exceptions as it has changed so much about the concept that had everyone hooked for years.

The gameplay is still the same as we all love but the way you are permitted access to playing the actual game itself is what really knocks itself out. Do we really want – nay – need another game that forces us to wait for lives to be refreshed before being allowed to play again? If you answer yes or I don’t mind, then I’m sure Angry Birds 2 is right up your alley. But if you’re like me and have better things to do than wait for timers to tick and better things to spend your money on, then be prepared for disappointment of Angry Birds 2.


2 Star Review

2 stars – relying on luck doesn’t make a puzzle game.

Good PointsPluses:

  • Graphics are much nicer and animations give more depth.

Bad PointsMinuses:

  • Randomisation of towers/structures and birds you start with force a player to rely on luck.
  • Physics system seems to be a bit less forgiving than the original Angry Birds.
  • The introduction of regenerating lives and currencies take away the freedom to play as you want.
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