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Arcane Dragons Soft Launch

We’re excited to announce the free-to-play Arcane Dragons soft launch in Australia, Canada and New Zealand!

According to developers, Redbana, the Arcane Dragons soft launch will be ready on October 12, 2016 (PDT) on the Google Play Store for Australia, Canada and New Zealand. The iOS release will follow soon after.

Arcane Dragons was formerly known globally as Dragon Encounter, and with this new release comes all new features and exciting events.

Developed by Snowpopcorn and now published by Redbana US Corporation, Arcane Dragons is an arcade-style, action RPG with a fast pace that features real-time co-op and PVP features. Form parties with other players to defeat dragons that once lived peacefully with humans, and monsters that are constantly attacking villages.

Features of the Arcane Dragons Soft Launch:

  • Thrilling gameplay from the very first minute.
  • Amazing visuals and action at the touch of your fingertips with gorgeous environments and detailed animation sequences.
  • Come up with strategies to get through challenges using a unique real-time party system. Defeat dungeon bosses in real-time, three-person tag teams.
  • PVP and Guild Battles allow you to test your skills in friendly matches against opponents from countries around the world in 1 vs 1 battles.
  • Customise the way your character looks with over one-hundred costumes to choose from. Collect legendary costumes from Dragon Raids or master your combat skills by obtaining hundreds of equipment pieces.
  • Summon and level up your favourite pet on your daily adventures.
  • English voice overs.
  • Three classes to choose from: the Wizard, Archer or Warrior.

Arcane Dragons Classes

New Things to Expect:

    • New rune combination system.
    • New pet system
    • New achievement rewards
    • Improved and expanded friendship point system
    • Bigger and better log-in rewards
    • Game database will be reset but purchased rubies will be 100% carried over to Arcane Dragons
    • Game balance adjusted making Arcane Dragons thrilling both for old and new players
    • There will be more EXCITING EVENTS in-game and on Facebook!

To learn more about the exciting new Arcane Dragons soft launch, please check out the Arcane Dragons game manual in all it’s PDF glory!

Find out more on the official Arcane Dragons website!

Stay tuned to this page for links to the download page on Google Play and the Apple App Store!

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