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Let’s Look at Black Desert Mobile – The Epitomy of Beauty

2018 looks like it’s going to be the year of the Korean mobile game. With so many beautiful games heading our way, we couldn’t wait for Black Desert Mobile to finally launch in English. So we headed to QOOAPP and downloaded the Korean version there! Watch our Let’s Look at Black Desert Mobile video below to watch Black Desert Mobile in all it’s beauty!

Platform Used For Let’s Look at Black Desert Mobile: Samsung S7 Edge
Developer: Pearl Abyss
Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG
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Let’s Look at Black Desert Mobile on YouTube

Now to begin with, if you want to play Black Desert Mobile yourself, you’re going to need to head to QOOAPP to find it. QOOAPP let’s you download and install games that aren’t otherwise available on app stores. And with Black Desert Mobile, to set it up you’ll need to run SoloVPN to connect to a Korean IP address.

Once you’ve done all of that, get ready to be blown away by one of the most gorgeous games to come to a mobile device!

Choose one of five classes and customise them exactly how you like with the extremely detailed character customisation section. Once you’re in the game, just follow the tutorial and tap where it wants you to tap. Afterwards all you need to do is button bash, follow the direction prompts and autoquest! Have fun 😀

Make sure you check out our Let’s Look at Black Desert Mobile above and if you like it, go on and download it via the method mentioned previously.

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Good PointsPluses:

  • Graphics are stunning
  • Character customisation is the best ever seen on a mobile game
  • Combat is exciting and attacks are super flashy
  • Boss fights spice things up with some extra difficulty

Bad PointsMinuses:

  • Currently only available in Korean so requires a VPN to start playing

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