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Crashing Season Review Revisited

So… You Mentioned Unlockables?

That’s right. You’ll be earning gold very quickly and spending it even faster on things such as extra abilities, new animals to play as, etc.

Crashing Season Map

A good deal of levels presented beautifully.

You are guided by the hand nicely and taken to each level that requires you to accomplish certain objectives like picking up a specific amount of coins, surviving for a time limit etc.

Eventually you’ll get to a boss level where you get to play as all the animals you’ve unlocked. Of course you play as them one by one, but it’s great to know you have backup if anything goes wrong.

Going back to unlockables; the abilities each animal has access to are quite unique and provide you with a suitable advantage over your enemies depending on what play style your chosen animal has.

If you’re struggling to get a grip on Crashing Season, there are some powerups that you can purchase for gold. These can provide bonuses like slowing down time, hypnotising enemies or doing an area of effect attack.

To top things off, there are achievements to… well… achieve, which reward you with premium currency. Most achievements are pretty easy to unlock but as you get further in the game, they’ll become a bit harder to work towards. Great incentive!

Aesthetic Charm

The artwork is simply superb. Each animal looks really beautifully designed and I must admit that I’m a total sucker for vector style 3D graphics. They just bring everything together so nicely and provide that much more satisfaction when playing.

Crashing Season Artwork

I’m such a sucker for game with vector style 3D graphics.

However, musically, I tend to keep the sound turned right down so I can’t hear it. It’s quite repetitive and is not something I want to have stuck in my head all afternoon… evening… night etc. The music is incredibly catchy and will be stuck on repeat in your head, so if you’re someone this can happen to easily I suggest you also turn the volume down.

Final Thoughts

Crashing Season FoxCrashing Season is a delight to look at and an incredible challenge to play. Bosses make for a rather tricky yet satisfying experience, so be prepared to face some deadly challenges like a chainsaw wielding lumberjack piloting a tree harvester.

I’m not really a great fan of games that require “stamina” to play and unfortunately this game is one of those. But at least it’s quite lenient in that it doesn’t cost that much to play. But still… stamina systems irk me.

The music is a bit of a downer and the learning curve is quite steep. Some younger gamers might be a little bit turned off seeing as games these days are relatively easy but for those who want to get a real old-school challenge, this is your game.
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4 Star Review

4 stars – beautiful, challenging and free to play

Good PointsPluses:

  • Graphics style is simply wonderful to look at
  • Animal play styles keep things different and fun
  • Very satisfying to get a high score

Bad PointsMinuses:

  • Rather steep learning curve
  • Enemies’ aiming is a little too good
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