Dark Echo Review

Future levels will require your absolute attention and strategic mind. The game slowly forces you to utilise everything you have learnt thus far, driving you to call forth all your cunning to break through the lines of monsters and beyond the hazards via different means.

Here Comes the Boss-like Creature

A truly terrifying being makes an appearance throughout some levels. This picture of horror takes the form of a large circle of red lines which slowly moves toward your general direction. If touched by this monstrosity, you will inevitably die.

Dark Echo Boss
The all powerful red circle!

The gargantuan form of red lines will most likely be the monster to haunt your dreams as it brings down imaginary ceilings or walls to block exits with it’s bulk. Such an unstoppable mass must be avoided at all costs if you wish to escape the infinite darkness.

By now you will have realised that the visuals of Dark Echo are incredibly simple. But where this game truly shows intelligence is through it’s mechanics. Luring monsters into corners so you might sneak beyond them, or throwing rocks to produce a sound as a distraction to these demonic, red lined beings are just a couple of the multitude of tactics you will have to utilise to overcome the maze.

When playing Dark Echo, it is possible to play with the sound muted, but I highly recommend keeping the sound on and possibly using headphones to really let your imagination fly.

Sounds Good To Me!

The atmospheric and creepy sounds scattered through Dark Echo are what make the experience truly terrifying. Hearing only the footsteps of these haunted shoes as you traipse through the labyrinths of darkness, it’s easy to get frightened when a group of red lines jump out from behind a previously ‘locked door’ and commence their chase.

When you’re concentrating on finding your way through the dark echoes, the sounds are really what stimulate your imagination to believe that you’re truly trapped in a dark maze filled with dozens of things that want you dead.

Final Thoughts

With 80 current levels at the time of this review, you will frequently find your heart racing as swarms of blood thirsty red lines descend on you as you struggle to follow the white lines of sound to safety.

Dark Echo Run
Yeah… you’re in trouble.

A lack of in-app-purchases makes gameplay very straightforward. No need to worry about stamina recharging or acquiring premium currency for unlockables. Just pure gameplay.

Truly, RAC7 Games have used the right amount of experimentation in just the right way, producing a unique, simple and fun experience that anyone would be able to pick up and enjoy.


5 Star Review

5 stars – unique and enjoyable.

Good PointsPluses:

  • Challenging gameplay that calls for a strategic mind.
  • Lack of visuals make for an amazing experience for imaginative people.

Bad PointsMinuses:

  • Lack of visuals could put unimaginative people off.
  • Could cause possible nightmares or irrational fear of lines.