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De-void Announcement

Releasing their second game since Solarix, we’re very pleased to publish Pulsetense Games’ De-void announcement! We can look forward to seeing what looks to be yet another amazing game by Pulsetense Games in August 2016.

*Update* Pulsetense Games have released a gameplay trailer along with their De-void announcement. Please see the video below.

De-void follows the science-fiction genre that Solarix also adopted. But this time the game is, as said by Pulsetense Games, a “meditative first-person adventure game”. The main premise is to piece together information to unravel the mysterious circumstances behind the disappearance of a remote space colony crew.

De-void EnvironmentsTaking control of a character known as Elizabeth, you acquire the help of a protocol unit called Wilco. As you explore and eventually find all the pieces required to put together the jigsaw, a confrontation with an ancient and impossibly vast presence becomes inevitable and unavoidable.

Watch the preview trailer accompanying the De-void announcement below.

De-void Features

  • First Person Adventure Game
  • A vast story-based exploration game set across highly detailed space stations, alien forests, deserts, colony settlements and military installations.
  • Decipher the crews video, audio and text logs to discover and uncover a multi-layered background story.
  • Investigate the world through the eyes of Wilco, an A.I cyborg, sent to help you uncover the mystery of the colony you are traversing.
  • Steam Achievements, Trading Cards and Controller support.

After experiencing such a thought-provoking and slightly depressing story in Solarix, I really can’t wait to get into De-void and explore yet another breathtaking, desolate environment.

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