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Escape: Endless Space Thriller Preview

From indie developer Shadow Hack Studios comes a game that takes me back to my high school days. Escape: Endless Space Thriller is an endless runner where you pilot a spaceship and attempt to dodge 2D stalactites and stalagmites whilst navigating very tight passages. Read more in our Escape: Endless Space Thriller Preview below!

When I was a teenager, I remember a particularly entertaining game someone had installed onto the school computers without permission. It was one of the first endless runners I had played which was set inside a space themed world.

Moving forward some 13 years and I feel I have found the perfect game to re-capture that same feeling I had years ago. Escape: Endless Space Thriller puts you in control of a 2D, retro-style spaceship as you try and navigate your way through narrow passageways, around stalactites and stalagmites and ultimately try and escape.

Your spaceship is controlled by an up and down arrow on the right side of the screen, so getting comfortable with the gameplay is very easy. However, the hard part is utilising every last iota of your reflexes to successfully dodge all of the oncoming obstacles so you don’t crash. As you progress, the spaceship starts to speed up until everything seems to be rushing by at such speed it’s more or less a blur.

Each level is procedurally generated so you’ll never get bored playing through the same environment time after time. The 2D graphics are really reminiscent of older classics such as Xenon and R-Type and being a completely free to download game, you’ll never have to reach for your wallet.

Features of Escape: Endless Space Thriller Preview:

  • Simple, easy to get used to gameplay
  • Incredibly challenging levels
  • Dynamic levels that never follow the same route
  • Gorgeous retro-style graphics
  • 100% free to download

Escape: Endless Space Thriller Screenshots

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