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Final Fantasy XV All You Need To Know

The World

Set in the world of Eos, a similar planet to modern-day Earth, you play in many different areas spanning across multiple nations. These nations are Lucis, Tenebrae, Niflheim, Solheim and Accordo.

Final Fantasy XV World

Each nation bar Niflheim once held a crystal. Crystals provided notable political power, however when wars waged between the nations, all crystals were lost except for Lucis’s.

Lucis, being under the protection of the last crystal, soon became a society based around magic. All other nations were forced to rely on technology to develop machines and weapons.

Niflheim becomes the main enemy of Lucis and by the beginning of the game, the entire world except Lucis falls to Niflheim’s supremacy.

There are some people in the world of Eos who are gifted with magical abilities. These powers come to be either by means such as near-death experiences or through a nation’s crystal.

Among these people with special abilities are Oracles. Oracles are priestesses who can fight against the “Plague of the Stars” – a supernatural phenomenon threatening to engulf the world in eternal darkness.


Everyone’s favourite! Final Fantasy can’t be Final Fantasy without summons, and FFXV is no exception. Noctis is the one able to call forth summons, which are known as Archaeans. Below are a couple of summons that appear in Final Fantasy XV. From left to right – Titan, Ramuh and Leviathan.

Final Fantasy XV Titan Final Fantasy XV Ramuh Final Fantasy XV Leviathan

I really can’t wait for Final Fantasy XV to be released and here’s hoping the rumours of a PC release are true! Hope you’ve enjoyed reading our Final Fantasy XV All You Need To Know article, and keep your eyes peeled for more Final Fantasy XV news.

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