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(Closed) Heroes of the Storm Beta Key Giveaway

Update: All keys have been distributed. However, HotS is in now in Open Beta so go ahead and join the fight!

Interested in joining the fight?

Don’t be shy, just leave a comment below for your chance to gain instant access to Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm!

“Contend with unique challenges in every battle. Unlock the legendary secrets of each battleground to maximize chances of a glorious victory. Ghostly pirate ships, the fickle Raven Lord, and massive grave golems can be just as deadly as the opposing team. Adjust your strategy accordingly to the battleground, or face crushing defeat.” –

By gaining access with GameReviewsAU’s Heroes of the Storm Beta Key Giveaway, choose from a multitude of heroes to battle your way through each level. Sylvanas Windrunner, Sarah Kerrigan AKA Queen of Blades, Diablo himself… the list goes on.

Heroes of the Storm Sarah Kerrigan

Sarah Kerrigan AKA Queen of Blades looking badass as usual.

Heaps of battlegrounds to compete for with extra features included in all. For example, Tomb of the Spider Queen allows you to collect gems which can then be turned in to summon a monstrous Webweaver to strike down your enemies defences.

Heroes of the Storm Tomb of the Spider Queen

I’m pretty sure you’d be wanting the Spider Queen to be on your side…

So what are you waiting for? Leave your comment and get an instant pass to awesomeness in Heroes of the Storm!

Please Note: These beta keys are for access to the North American version.

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