The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human Review

Just going to go on a small rant here about the shark boss. It would have to be one of the more tricky bosses in the entire game, mainly due to it’s extreme difficulty, but also because of certain events in the boss fight triggering multiple types of game crashes. I think I would have spent about two to three hours attempting to beat Mr. Shark and then when I finally got to the point where the shark would die in one more hit, the game crashed.

When you spend so much time on one boss only to have the game crash on you, it’s a bit of a kick to the genitalia. One boss in particular, a stingray with lasers also became quite troublesome because the game would crash as soon as the small cut-scene before the fight ended. Perseverance was the winner of that fight.

The Aquatic Adventures of the Last Human Worm BossAll that said, each boss fight is incredibly tough and sometimes they’ll make you wish there was a difficulty setting. However, working out the patterns of each boss and the tricks involved in killing them is all part of the fun. The bosses are all really well thought out and defeating some of them will bring the topic of the game to the front of your mind. Why do humans have to kill everything?

There’s one particular boss that will make you feel downright rotten as you watch it grow physically weaker before your eyes. Once it’s dead you’ll feel even worse as you find it’s babies scattered around the area it once protected. Bits like this are where The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human’s story really makes you think.

However, when a boss fight is so incredibly difficult that you spend hours trying to win, you’re more than likely to end up forgetting the story altogether. That’s where you’d probably prefer a difficulty setting. Strangely enough there’s a hardcore mode… umm… okay. Not going to attempt that one any time soon!

Aesthetic Charm

The graphics in this game are simply beautiful. They’ll leave you absorbing your surroundings in awe and engaging your imagination in a way that makes your mind believe what you’re seeing is actually a full HD world.

Musically, The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human envelops you in it’s atmosphere, pulling you deep into a world where humanity has become extinct and you’re the last survivor.

Final Thoughts

A thought-provoking story mixed with simply beautiful graphics and engaging sound track will take you on an adventure that leaves you questioning why humans are such dicks.

Bugs are still commonly found throughout the game and some might make you reconsider giving it any more thought. But if you persevere and try different tactics, you’ll be rewarded with a rich experience that seriously puts your gaming skills to the test.

I highly recommend The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human, but because of the amount of bugs and rather high difficulty level, it still feels like there’s a lot of work left to be done by YCJY.


3 Star Review

3 stars – an extremely promising game that would be so much better were it not for bugs and extreme difficulty

Good PointsPluses:

  • Old-school pixel graphics mixed with layering looks beautiful
  • The music pulls you even further into the game’s atmosphere
  • Story is very thought-provoking

Bad PointsMinuses:

  • Difficulty level is extremely high which sometimes makes you forget about the story and it’s undertones
  • Multiple varieties of crashes will plague your play through, sometimes ending in you not being able to progress at all