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The Greedy Cave Review

The Greedy Cave Monsters

An early dose of monster varieties.

However, if you get a little too greedy and take on enemies a bit too tough for you to handle and end up dying, you’ll lose all items you picked up, all gold earned on that run, and enchants made to your gear. In fact the game basically reverts to the point you were at before you entered the dungeon crawl on which you died. This could be a slight disincentive for some, but the game is called The Greedy Cave for a reason.

Town consists of five sections that allow you to visit a blacksmith to reforge or upgrade your gear by combining gold quality or above equipment with other gold quality or above equipment (each upgrade costs a certain amount of gold and depending on what you are using as the combination material, you’ll be given a higher or lower percentage of success); a witch who stocks buff potions to purchase using premium currency; a tavern that acts as a community forum where you can ask questions; a chest that allows you to store excess items; and a noticeboard to give you “quests” to accomplish whilst down in the cave, as well as display game achievements.

Talking about the cave again, after every ten levels, you will be presented with a tiny level consisting of one lonesome shopkeeper. Here you can sell anything you don’t want and even stock up on items such as gear or potions.

The Greedy Cave Boss

One of the bosses appearing in The Greedy Cave.

Bosses make an appearance at certain points in the game, and to be honest, they’re pretty damn awesome! The first boss I arrived at certainly tested my limits and proved that I needed to grind a whole lot more in order to power up and gain some better equipment.

At the moment The Greedy Cave spans across one-hundred floors with two difficulty settings, Normal and Nightmare. Nightmare unlocks after you’ve completed floor one-hundred in Normal mode.

Nothing’s Perfect

Of course with any game that provides so much enjoyment, there always has to be a few downfalls. The problems seem to mainly be how I personally interpret things such as, you can’t tell how much an item will sell for until you talk to a shopkeeper. Seeing a preview as to how much an item will profit you before you head to a shop, seems to be a pretty common thing found in most dungeon crawler type games these days. It’s not much of a qualm but that would have to be my number one.

The Greedy Cave Shop

Reminder to self: Don’t sell the stuff I want to keep…

One other little niggle that lays within The Greedy Cave is that when you leave a dungeon, everything that isn’t gold quality or above disappears. If you happen to have a blue or lower quality item equipped when that happens, as soon as you get back to town, that equipment slot ends up being empty. Therefore if you happen to have put aside a gold or higher quality piece of gear to equip after the dungeon is done, there’s a good chance you might accidentally overlook it and use it as a reagent for upgrading another piece of equipment (which I did…). This problem probably lies with my memory more than anything but still, it would be nice to have a prompt appear asking if I’m sure to sacrifice “x” gear to upgrade “y”.

Lastly, when you reach further levels, there are enemies surrounded by a poisoning mist. If you step in it, you get damaged every half a second or so. It seems a bit unfair that when beginning a floor, there’s a good chance you might start the dungeon floor already stood inside the mist.

Aesthetic Charm

As mentioned earlier, the art-style is similar to that seen in “Don’t Starve”, which for some reason, people around the web are complaining about. It does have some similarities but to be honest, I really enjoy the way it’s all been drawn. The creatively designed enemies are wonderful to come across and you even fill out a kind of bestiary, which lists enemies’ strengths and weaknesses etc., as you defeat them.

The melancholic melody following you throughout the entire cave never grates on your nerves and sound effects are easily identifiable and entertaining.

Final Thoughts

For a game that seems to have just sprung out of nowhere, The Greedy Cave is incredibly detailed and has the gameplay mechanics to satisfy fans of classic dungeon crawlers.

There’s heaps to play through and even more replayability as you grind for better gear to slowly create a super-amazing looking character.

With such a small price tag, The Greedy Cave is an absolute pearl of a find and I highly recommend you to finish reading this review, share it with all of your friends and download the game via our link at the start of our review!

Also, if you would like to see a hints & tips page put together by us, let us know in the comments section below!

Happy crawling!

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4 Star Review

4 stars – get ready for a long adventure, you’ll be in it for the long haul

Good PointsPluses:

  • Has great RPG elements, such as levelling, assigning skill points and obtaining heaps of gear
  • Armour and weaponry changes how your character looks
  • Enemy design is creepy and awesome

Bad PointsMinuses:

  • The English used can be a little tricky to understand at times
  • No option to customise a female character
  • Some features don’t exist such as showing how much gold items will sell for before interacting with a shopkeeper
  • Paid game but still has in-app purchases
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