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The Surfer Gameplay and Review – PS3 Indie Gaming At It’s Best

Surfing is a very popular sport and the world of video games have done their utmost to gamify the action-filled past-time. Surfing games can be very hit or miss, but the Aussie geniuses behind the first game we’re reviewing for 2018 have pulled off a masterpiece for the PS3! Watch our The Surfer gameplay and review video below to find out more!

Platform Used For The Surfer Gameplay and Review: Sony Playstation 3
Developer: Bungarra Software
Genre: Sports, Surfing
Recommended If You Like: Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater
Rating: 4 Star Review

The Surfer Gameplay and Review on YouTube

I love heading to the beach on a good day and watching the beautiful waves rolling in. However, I’m seriously lacking in the stamina department to go out and enjoy those waves the way one should. Well thanks to the guys at Bungarra Software, I don’t have to worry about my stamina! I only need to worry about paddling my surfing character out to the good waves on a virtual surfboard in The Surfer.

The Surfer is an arcade styled leaderboard sports game that lets you surf awesome breaks around the globe. Choose your character, push that left joystick forward and start surfing to your heart’s content!

Make sure you check out our The Surfer gameplay and review video above and if you like it, go on and check out the game on Steam via the link at the top of this page!

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4 Star Review

4 stars – an exciting, challenging and inspired indie sports game

Good PointsPluses:

  • Nostalgic gameplay
  • Old-school graphics
  • Challenging learning curve, but not too difficult
  • Satisfying and realistic surfing mechanics

Bad PointsMinuses:

  • Some little difficulties with camera control and not being able to activate floaters 100% of the time

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