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(Closed) The Technomancer Steam Key Giveaway

We recently reviewed The Technomancer and have got our hands on an extra Steam key! So we’re running a Technomancer Steam Key Giveaway! The Technomancer is a cyberpunk RPG packed with some awesome enemies and massive bosses. The game lets you fully customise how you wish to play and will provide you with hours of gameplay. Enter our The Technomancer Steam key giveaway below!

Congratulations to Алексей for winning our Technomancer Steam key giveaway!

The Technomancer Steam Key Giveaway

The Techonmancer Steam Key Giveaway
You take the role of a Technomancer in training called Zachariah who’s on the run from secret police. Customise how your character looks with a relatively decent amount of customisation choices, choose how you want to play by investing points into a talent tree, and get out there and start kicking some cyberpunk behind!

The Technomancer is a pretty amazing action game and we’d love to share a Steam key with a lucky gamer!

To read our review, please check out the link below.

The Technomancer Gameplay and Review

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