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(Ended) Armello Steam Key Giveaway

To accompany our latest review of Armello, we’re running an Armello Steam Key Giveaway! Armello is an amazingly unique tabletop strategy game that you can play from the comfort of your own computer. Scroll down the page to enter our Armello Steam key giveaway!

Congratulations to David Chen on winning our Armello Steam key giveaway!

A Little Gist About Armello

Armello Horrors & Heroes Trailer

Armello is a beautifully animated game and the gameplay does itself justice. In games consisting of four players, you get to choose your hero and take turns duking it out across a charming environment filled with dungeons to raid, settlements to claim and monsters to slay.

There are heaps of different elements to take into consideration such as, but not limited to: day and night, stats that control how many dice you roll during a battle or your own character’s unique ability.

In order to win you must claim the throne by whatever means possible. For example, if you manage to roll your way into the palace, you have a chance at killing the cursed king. Alternatively, you can try to banish the king by purifying his curse and gaining control of the throne yourself.

Armello is a seriously stupendous game and we’d love to share a Steam key with a lucky gamer!

To read our review, please check out the link below.

Armello Review

Armello Steam Key Giveaway

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