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Breakout the Dark Prison Android Preview – So Much Game!

There are so many promising games coming to our hands this year and I was alerted to this little beauty not long ago. Breakout the Dark Prison is an astounding, third-person, action game packed with so much. Watch our Breakout the Dark Prison preview below to find out why!

Platform Used For Breakout the Dark Prison Preview: Samsung S7 Edge
Developer: Latersoft
Genre: Action, RPG, Hack’n’slash

Breakout the Dark Prison Preview on YouTube

My initial thoughts of Breakout the Dark Prison were mainly about how nice the graphics were. My second thoughts were on how satisfying and intuitive the gameplay was.

Most third-person hack’n’slash games feel very samey and it’s hard to find one that stands out. Breakout the Dark Prison, however, immediately felt different. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but I would say it’s mainly due to how the game is built. Each level is very fleshed out and the free-look camera gives you extra freedom in terms of movement.

When I noticed the weapon designs, I was pleasantly surprised! There are Japanese katana, guns and (my favourite) jousting lances made using witches hats!

Breakout the Dark Prison will hopefully be coming to our hot little hands in Summer of 2019, so keep an eye out on the app stores for it!

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