Breakout the Dark Prison Android Preview – So Much Game!

breakout the dark prison preview

There are so many promising games coming to our hands this year and I was alerted to this little beauty not long ago. Breakout the Dark Prison is an astounding, third-person, action game packed with so much. Watch our Breakout the Dark Prison preview below to find out why! Platform […]

Rotating Brave Gameplay and Review – Nintendo Switch

Rotating Brave gameplay and review

Rotating Brave is definitely a one of a kind game for Nintendo Switch. I haven’t come across any that utilise a way to rotate the handheld system! But does it work? Check out our Rotating Brave gameplay and review below to find out more! Platform Used For Rotating Brave Gameplay […]

Blu Lotus on Episode – An Intriguing and Relatable Story on Episode

Blu Lotus on Episode

Books are a great way to pass the time and lose yourself in, but they can’t always be carried around due to their potentially bulky sizes. However, there is one way to carry around some great stories to dive into and that’s with the app called Episode. Episode has heaps […]

Best 2048 Games for Android and iOS – Hand-Picked by GameReviewsAU

Best 2048 Games for Android and iOS

It can be tough living in a world filled with so many 2048 games. And the genre is such a popular and flexible one that it can be a very hard task to find a 2048 game that you enjoy. Well, we’ve hand-picked 12, that’s right, 12 of what we […]

To The Moon Gameplay and Review – Game of the Year 2017 Android

To The Moon Gameplay and Review

Never have I ever played a game that touched me so deeply I was literally glued to the screen until the very end. And very few times have I shed real tears during a game, at the end of a game or just from recounting the events of a game. […]

Escape Labyrinth Preview – Can You Get To The End?

Escape Labyrinth Preview

Everyone loves tackling puzzles and when those puzzles are set in an Egyptian inspired labyrinth, the experience becomes that much more entertaining. Navigate your way through puzzling chambers, face off against an undead scourge and ultimately avoid death in this charming puzzler. Read more in our Escape Labyrinth Preview below! […]

Closed: The Elder Scrolls Legends Card Pack Giveaway

The Elder Scrolls Legends Card Pack Giveaway

2017 has already started off to be a great year for gaming and to keep the ball rolling, Bethesda have released a competitive strategy card game, The Elder Scrolls: Legends. Enter our The Elder Scrolls Legends card pack giveaway below! Congratulations to Holly, Fran, Amber, Anita and Jenny for winning […]

Line Duel Gameplay and Review

Line Duel Gameplay and Review

Getting stuck into an endless runner can often be quite a time-consuming experience, and with games that throw high resolution graphics and flashy special effects at you, it can become a little overwhelming. Line Duel cuts back the flashiness and provides an endless runner to test your reflexes as well […]

Line Duel Preview

Line Duel Preview

Line Duel by MycoGames2k is a challenging casual game that will test your reflexes like they’ve never been tested before. Progress as far as you can and avoid the obstacles by tapping the screen to navigate left and right. The endless runner gaming genre has been a winning formula for […]

MyPostcard App Review – Send Postcards To Anywhere In The World

MyPostcard App Review

Have you ever found yourself somewhere in the world wishing someone you love was with you? Perhaps you want to send them something physical, hand-written by yourself? With MyPostcard app, you can do so with ease right from your own phone! Read more in our MyPostcard app review below! Website: […]