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Escape Labyrinth Preview – Can You Get To The End?

Everyone loves tackling puzzles and when those puzzles are set in an Egyptian inspired labyrinth, the experience becomes that much more entertaining. Navigate your way through puzzling chambers, face off against an undead scourge and ultimately avoid death in this charming puzzler. Read more in our Escape Labyrinth Preview below!

Reminiscent of games like Lara Croft GO, Escape Labyrinth takes you through puzzles, has you avoiding deadly traps and escaping undead enemies in an Egyptian environment.

The gameplay is simple to get used to and understand, but mastering it and making your way through each level seamlessly is far from easy. Maintain your focus and keep your eyes peeled for clues to help you discover the best way to the exit without becoming a snack for the walking dead and collect ancient treasures along the way

Challenge your friends and family with achievements to unlock and essentially escape the labyrinth you find yourself in. Can you escape the cold grip of death?

Features of Escape Labyrinth Preview:

  • An enjoyable and thrilling puzzler to put your memory and wits to the test
  • Simple, aesthetically pleasing and high def graphics. Playing through this exciting Egyptian environment will provide you with an awesome feeling.
  • Navigate 30 challenging levels, each filled with buried treasures to uncover
  • Compete against friends and family to master ten achievements and show off your puzzle-solving skills

Escape Labyrinth Screenshots

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