Diablo 3 Eternal Edition Gameplay and Review – Nintendo Switch

Diablo 3 Eternal Edition Review

Oh I love the Diablo series and the sheer thought of being able to play it on a portable console like the Nintendo Switch got my blood pumping! It was the inspiration for me pouncing on those Black Friday sales and buying a Switch in the first place. Check out […]

Shape of the World – Ethereal Dreams

Shape of the World Gameplay and Review

Shape of the World takes the first-person gaming genre and injects it full of beautiful dreamlike landscapes and an ethereal soundtrack that will leave you feeling like you’ve just come out of a relaxing warm bath. Watch our Shape of the World gameplay and review video below to find out […]

Attack on Titan 2 Game 59 Second Review – It’s Finally Here!

Attack on Titan 2 Game 59 Second Review

The first Attack on Titan game was pretty damn good, but the horrible PC controls made it nearly unplayable. It kinda put me off games like this on PC but I am so glad I gave Attack on Titan 2 a chance. It is so amazing and immerses you in […]