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Line Duel by MycoGames2k is a challenging casual game that will test your reflexes like they’ve never been tested before. Progress as far as you can and avoid the obstacles by tapping the screen to navigate left and right.

The endless runner gaming genre has been a winning formula for quite some time. With so many types of endless runner that follow the same pattern, it’s refreshing to see a simplistic variation such as Line Duel.

In Line Duel you control a white octagon as it travels along an endless line. Along the lines are obstacles to trip you up which can be avoided by tapping either the left or right of your screen. As you progress along the continuous line, your score gradually builds until you eventually crash into an obstacle.

Although Line Duel is a very simple concept, it’s by no means an easy game to master. Your reflexes are constantly tested as the line you follow continuously changes direction and even adds in some loops to really mess with your head. Each time you play you’ll face new paths to follow with differing obstacles as each level is dynamic and procedurally generated.

To add to the aesthetic charm and simplicity of Line Duel, the background colour is constantly changing to provide some nice visual stimulation.

Features of Line Duel Preview:

  • Easy to get to grips with but a challenge to master
  • No level is ever the same
  • Smooth and visually appealing gameplay
  • Completely free to download

Line Duel Screenshots

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