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Drop the Chicken 2 Review

Some of the impressive array of tools you might be provided include tightropes, cannons, bouncy elephants, trampolines, monkey trapezists and the list goes on. As you progress through the game, new tools will appear which will require you to completely change your way of thinking. I’m very impressed by the amount of thought and imagination that has gone into every tool.

Three flies are positioned throughout each level which you will need to collect if you wish to earn all three stars offered for successfully completing the level. This brings in a new twist to the concept. Not only do you have to get Chuck to the bucket of water safely, but you also need to make sure his trajectory comes in contact with at least one fly in order to gain access to the next level.

Some levels are downright perplexing, but if you put your mind to it and use your imagination, the experience becomes incredibly entertaining and ultimately satisfying when you manage to pick up all three flies on your way to victory. The great thing about DTC2 is the fact that each level can have multiple ways of completing it with the help of the physics applied to Chuck and his surroundings. For example, dropping from a greater height onto a trampoline will cause Chuck to bounce higher. Nothing is set in stone.

If you struggle with where to position each tool, you can use a ‘helping hand’. These are limited but there are ways you can earn more such as completing the bonus level at the end of a stage. When the helping hand icon is touched, you just need to select the tool you require help with. The hand will then shoot out from it’s corner and position that tool in a location that will be the most effective for completing a level. Personally I have way more fun wracking my brain until I come up with the solution myself. It’s much more enjoyable that way.
Drop the Chicken 2 Bonus Level

Stamina Free

With such an affordable price tag, it’s great to see Drop the Chicken 2 doesn’t have any kind of stamina system preventing players from playing till they’re brains are frazzled until a stamina gauge is refilled. There is a store where you can buy access to all of the levels or purchase more helping hands, but when a game is this fun, I’m more than happy to play through the good old fashioned way. And best of all there are no ads whatsoever!

Final Thoughts

Drop the Chicken 2 is an incredibly well thought out game that will make sure your brain stays challenged. As it’s very important for your brain to stay active and keep learning, AppInTheBox have created something that can act not only as a form of entertainment, but also as a way to keep your mind healthy and ever-expanding.

There are a couple of bugs here and there that can sometimes put a damper on your plans to get Chuck to the end, such as cannons shooting him out from entirely incorrect locations. But as DTC2 is still in it’s early stages of release, I’m sure these minor hinderances will be ironed out in the future.

For such a generous price Drop the Chicken 2 is certainly a game to add to your collection and with so many levels, you’re desires for a great puzzler will be easily satiated.


4 Star Review

4 stars – a great challenge worth every cent.

Good PointsPluses:

  • Unique tools to complete levels are really entertaining.
  • The sound track is really catchy but thankfully not annoying at all.
  • Bonus levels allow you to unleash your creative mind quite spectacularly.

Bad PointsMinuses:

  • Still has a few bugs that need ironing out.
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