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Far Cry Primal Trailer

Ubisoft have just blessed us with a Fary Cry Primal trailer so we can all marvel in it’s glory.

With the first part of the Far Cry series being released back in March of 2004, the games have become a must have for all gamers. Ubisoft have pretty much set the benchmark for the open world first person genre by combining immersive story telling, explosive gun fights and mind blowing graphics into one neat yet deep package.

Please join us in drooling over the latest Far Cry Primal trailer below.

Now that you’ve been stunned with what’s to come from the legendary team at Ubisoft and also been rewarded with a release date of 23/02/2016, allow us to introduce you to one of the games from the Far Cry series if you haven’t already played it.

Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3, released in November of 2012 brought the gaming world to it’s knees with graphics that can still contend and even outmatch some of the latest PS4 releases.

Far Cry 3 Review

Any gamer to get their hands on this beauty is in for a real treat. The character modelling and voice acting will pull you into the story and leave you begging for more, right up until the game-changing ending.

To read our full review of Far Cry 3 and bask in all it’s awesomeness, head on over to our Far Cry 3 review page.

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Sure you might say it’s a far cry from the usual Far Cry formula (pun definitely and sickeningly intended) but it still looks amazing!

So what’s next Ubisoft, Far Cry Space?

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