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Godus Review

A game which has copped a fair bit of controversy, Godus is a rare find on a mobile device. This outstanding world builder is twelve steps ahead of the rest and allows for such joy that hasn’t been felt by this gamer for a very long time.

Platform Used For Godus Review: LG G3
Developer: 22 Cans
Genre: World Builder/Strategy
Price: Free with in-app purchases
Rating: 4 Star Review

The Dawn Of Man-em

Put the fact that everyone who plays this game starts off with the exact same map, out of your mind. Within 5 minutes of playing Godus, you will change that completely.

To begin with you are presented with a number of villagers who need rescuing from the ocean. The incredibly short tutorial will gently take you by the hand during this process so you understand the basics of crafting the land. Afterwards you are shown how to begin building your settlement and collect resources which come in the form of “Belief”. From here on out you are pretty much on your own. Every now and then you will be given some hints as to how certain mechanics work but the thing is, there are so many features in this game that to learn them all at the beginning would completely take meaning out of the experience.

Godus FarmersThe fact that Godus doesn’t lead you by the hand constantly, allows you to work everything out for yourself. Personally I prefer this as you are constantly stumbling across things you didn’t know you could do. As you progress through the game and grow your settlement, you will come to appreciate every detail that 22 Cans has gone to the trouble of making. Eventually you will notice that a good amount of time has gone by in the real world and you haven’t even had to wait for timers to tick down to zero in order for you to progress to the next step of evolving your civilisation.

There is always something to do in Godus. Be it sculpting the land to fit in more abodes, exploring the land by activating beacons that penetrate the ‘fog of war’ or just digging for treasure. Day & night effects and storms affect the world in real time. When the sun goes down, your villagers will call it a night and head back to their homes. A storm will force your villagers to retreat to shelter and come back out to re-commence their work once the deluge of rain, thunder and lightning has subsided. Treasure chests can also appear after a storm has passed. You might need to dig though!

Where’s The Fighting??

The weather isn’t the only obstacle you will face during your quest to colonise the entire world. A small tribe called the Astari take residence to the North of your initial settlement. Every now and then a group of the tribesmen will come close to your settlement and cruelly mock your residents. This affects your villagers happiness. The happier your villagers are the better.

Godus On Fire

There mightn’t be much fighting, but there’s a lot of fire

On the right hand side of your screen you will see a happiness bar with a circular face to represent your colony, and a red masked face to represent the Astari. The Astari will hold a festival every 24 hours or so which can result in your villagers packing their suitcases and migrating over to the Astari’s village. If your villagers aren’t happy that is. Should your villagers be happier than the Astari at the time of these festivals, you might convert some of the Astari tribesmen to join your village.

The members of the Astari who join your settlement can set up their own homes, but they do not generate any sort of income for you. Dole bludgers. Only when you’ve converted the entire Astari tribe or destroyed them, will they begin to generate income.

Personally I took the easy way out by sending a single, well timed and well directed meteor their way, destroying their entire population and reducing their presence on the happiness metre to nil. It’s up to you how you’d prefer to deal with the Astari though, but be warned, if you don’t do anything at all about them you are susceptible to being attacked should you build too close to the ‘fog of war’ line.

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[schema type=”review” url=”” name=”Download Godus” description=”Godus could suck you in right to it’s core or it could send you back to the app store looking for a world builder filled with PVP conquering and defending.” rev_name=”Godus Review” rev_body=”The fact that Godus doesn’t lead you by the hand constantly, allows you to work everything out for yourself. Personally I prefer this as you are constantly stumbling across things you didn’t know you could do.” author=”GameReviews AU” pubdate=”2015-06-03″ user_review=”4″ min_review=”1″ max_review=”5″ ]

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