Godus LG G3 Review

Do I Need To Spend Any Money?

Godus In App Purchases
Some things in Godus can only be obtained via IAPs.

The currency you will need to accumulate throughout the game in order to build up your settlement comes in the form of belief, wheat, ore and gems. Gems are the premium currency of Godus. You generate belief via housing, wheat from farms and ore from mines. Gems can be purchased with real money or found in buried treasure chests scattered throughout the land. But you really don’t need to use any gems throughout the game.

Sculpting certain types of land costs belief, so don’t go too crazy when moving mountains with your godlike powers.

Apart from generating income via buildings and the like, you can also go on voyages which act as mini challenges. The concept is similar to Lemmings whereby you need to direct a certain amount of villagers from point A to point B. Putting your land sculpting knowledge into action, it’s up to you to get them to safety in a certain amount of time. Doing so will award you with stickers that are used to upgrade certain powers or building capabilities. There aren’t many voyage challenges at the moment though, so it only acts as a bit of extra practice at this stage.

Ew… Bugs

Staying true to most mobile games, Godus does have it’s flaws and bugs. For example, your villagers can only ascend and descend hills by climbing one layer of land at a time. So you need to shape the land so it resembles steps. The villagers aren’t always clever enough to take the easy route you’ve just set up for them and can walk back and forth, shrugging their shoulders at you in confusion and ultimately becoming stuck. A stuck villager is an unhappy villager. But Godus being the game it is, I don’t really mind putting in extra effort to sculpt some better steps.

Moving the camera on the other hand is a different story. Depending on what device you use, you might find it easy to do or harder than picking up a freshly spat watermelon seed from a glass surface.

Aesthetic Charm

The artwork in Godus is very easy on the eyes. It’s so incredibly simple, but also has such beauty. Storm animations that make it look as if your houses are about to be ripped out from the earth they’re built on still entertain me. Summoning a small rain cloud to water your crops also tickles my inner child.

Godus 22 Cans Artwork
My favourite part of the game captured brilliantly in this piece of artwork.

Musically the game plays it’s part quite well with the chirping of birds, rumbling of thunder storms and mini jingles that play when you discover something interesting. The sound effects don’t get on your nerves either which is a great change. Gentle tapping of hammers when building houses or clinks of mining picks add to the atmosphere of the game. What I don’t really understand is that every being on the world of Godus ends their sentences with the sound ’em’. But that’s just me nitpicking-em.

My Final Thoughts

Depending on what your preference of games is, Godus could suck you in right to it’s core or it could send you back to the app store looking for a world builder filled with PVP conquering and defending. However, if your looking for a world builder game that is true to it’s genre, you needn’t look any further. Some of you may remember a game called Populus which was first released in 1989, and those of you who do might have been wondering why a game like Godus wasn’t developed sooner. Whatever the fact, 22 Cans has released a beautiful and immersive world that allows for complete customisation. If you are to download any game in the near future, I implore you to consider Godus.


4 Star Review

4 stars – recommended

Good PointsPluses:

  • Incredibly large world to populate.
  • Discovering how the game works as you play is actually quite rewarding rather than being led by the hand.
  • Causing destruction to the Astari certainly gives you a god-like feeling.

Bad PointsMinuses:

  • Playing on the LG G3 I noticed that two finger scrolling of the map can sometimes bug out and zoom in instead.
  • Can be quite hardware intensive causing slower devices to lag.
  • When you rotate the view to look behind something, the view will reset too quickly.

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