In Verbis Virtus Review

Aesthetic Charm

In Verbis Virtus is quite a graphically intense game and you may need to change your graphics card settings to make sure your high-end GPU is being utilised.

A little tip for NVIDIA users, go to your NVIDIA Control Panel and navigate to the Manage 3D Settings area. Add the game in the Program Settings if it’s not already there by clicking the Add button, going to where your Steam folder is and adding the In Verbis Virtus EXE file by navigating through the following folders: steam\steamapps\common\in verbis virtus\binaries\win32\ivv.exe

Afterwards, make sure the preferred graphics processor is set to use your NVIDIA GPU.

It will definitely be worth it to be using a GPU that can handle a lot. The environment is designed so beautifully, and textures bring the world to life brilliantly. Enemy designs and animations are extremely well done and you’ll find yourself trying to get a good close-up view of these foes without being beaten to death in the process.

Spell effects are gorgeous and add to the pleasure of being able to cast spells using your own voice. My favourite one to look at has to be the telekinesis spell. It just looks too cool!

In Verbis Virtus Telekinesis
Who would have thought telekinesis required so much force?

The soundtrack is epic and matches the atmosphere perfectly. You might be facing off against a Saevar in a closed off room with nowhere to go, and the music will rise to a crescendo, making you run around even more frantically than before.

Ethereal flutes create an atmosphere of mystery and energetic drum poundings inject you with a feeling of pure epicness! The soundtrack can be purchased from Steam for an extra $24.99USD but to be fair, it is a really good soundtrack.

Final Thoughts

In Verbis Virtus Storyline
The answers to the universe, or another devious puzzle?

Some gamers are put off by the thought of talking to their computer to play, but to be brutally honest, man up and give it a go! Even if you have to wait for an empty house to play, In Verbis Virtus is definitely worth your time. To begin with, you will probably feel a bit silly speaking to your computer in an unknown language, but as you fall deeper into the role of your magic-wielding character, you’ll ignore everyone around you and find a sense of normality in speaking words such as “Lumeh Tial” to light up an area.

If you’re looking for an action packed game, this probably isn’t going to meet your criteria. In Verbis Virtus is firstly a puzzle game with elements of action squeezed in. Fast reflexes and a good memory are key to success in completing the game.

I honestly think that In Verbis Virtus is a game that all fantasy game fans should play. There are times of frustration and not everyone enjoys difficult puzzles, but you can always get hints and I haven’t found any other games out there that let you utilise your voice to cast spells as wonderfully as this one.


4 Star Review

4 stars – deliciously geeky yet sometimes a bit embarrassing/frustrating

Good PointsPluses:

  • You’re a wizard {insert your name here}!
  • Graphics, level detail and enemy designs are simply awesome
  • Puzzles will challenge the stuffing out you

Bad PointsMinuses:

  • At times the voice recognition can be a bit fickle… “Ekto Lumeh… Ekto Lumeh… EKTO LUMEH!!!”
  • People might look at you strangely when they see you speaking another language to your computer

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