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Misleading Game Trailers

3. Evony

The Promise

Evony False Advertising

Evony False Advertising

They even went so far as to create these ‘animated’ adverts complete with pulsing breasts to show how awesome the game is meant to be.

The Reality? Possibly the most boring to look at and mind numbing to play game ever created.

Evony Gameplay

By now you’ve probably noticed a pattern. A lot of these games are ’empire builders’ that use either sex or sweet looking graphics in their trailers to get anyone interested. Sex sells for sure but if you really want to get a following, MAKE A GOOD GAME! I’d love to see the day when these cheap copies of each other stop getting mass produced.

Empire builders aside, there are other types of games that convey an false representation of what the game is all about. Continue downwards to see more.

4. Dead Island

The Promise

The Reality? Still a pretty good game with loads of exploration, weapons, zombie smashing, but a complete lack of what the trailer seems to convey. From watching this I was under the impression that there’d be a strong emotional yet depressing ‘end of the world’ feeling throughout the entire game. Launch Dead Island and what do you get?

Dead Island Character Select

A selection of characters with back stories that you just don’t care about. The storyline of the entire thing seems to be a tad forced as well. I must say I didn’t feel a single bit of remorse when I parted with this game.

5. Final Fantasy XIV

The Promise

The Reality? Such an uninspired installation to the epic Final Fantasy series that it eventually got taken offline. The graphics were a horrible let down and the gameplay pretty much ruined destroyed all hope of this ever becoming a hit.

Final Fantasy XIV Original Gameplay

It’s not all bad news for FFXIV though. Eventually Square Enix remade the entire game and re-launched it under the name Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn

Oh god yes, that’s what I’m talking about!

FFXIV: ARR managed to do something that no-one thought possible. It literally came back from the dead and completely changed the face of MMO’s. It’s one of the more deserved of games to employ the pay-to-play mechanic.

So in the future, please do not judge a game by it’s trailer because chances are, you will not get what you’ve seen. Be a smart gamer and do your research before investing your time, cash and effort into a game.

Know of any other games which have trailers that don’t live up to their promise? Leave a comment down below with your thoughts.

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