Nosgoth Review
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Game Modes

There are currently two different game modes to choose from: Team Deathmatch and Flashpoint. Capture the Body is still being tested at the moment.

Team Deathmatch

In Team Deathmatch, you are placed in a team of four in a group of either humans or vampires. The aim of the game is to kill as many of your opponents as you can until your team reaches thirty points, or until the twenty minute timer counts down, where the team with the highest overall score will win.

Flashpoint (unlocked when you reach a player level of 10)

Flashpoint will task the human team with controlling and defending a number of objectives by gathering around it. The more players you have surrounding the objective, the faster you will capture it. Once an objective has been captured, it counts as a point and will add further time to the clock. The vampire team must slay as many humans as they can whilst at the same time preventing that team from securing objectives. If all objectives are not captured within the time limit, the human team will lose.

Capture the Body (still in testing phase but not currently available)

An interesting take on typical Capture the Flag game modes, Capture the Body sets the vampire team to find a body, pick it up and drag it to a specific area on the map. Mind you, the body is poisoned which slows down the vampire’s movement speed whilst the body is in their claws, quite drastically. It’s up to your teammates to protect you and make sure you reach the score point. Once a score of thirty has been reached, the game will end with the vampires being victorious. The human team must do all it can to prevent the body from reaching the goal. Once one round has ended, the other team gets their turn at capturing the body. Whoever has the highest score at the end of both rounds wins.


Victory in any match will dish out rewards such as gold to purchase new abilities and perks, XP to level up your player account as well as the characters you played with during the game and sometimes bonus rewards like new weapons or abilities. But don’t worry, a small amount of XP and gold is still awarded if your team is defeated.

Nosgoth Reaver
Leap onto your unsuspecting prey with the Reaver.

Playable Classes


Vampires are a purely melee class. All vampire classes have some form of long range ability, but their main form of attack requires them to be right up close to their human opponent. Finding and getting the jump on a group of unsuspecting humans by climbing up walls and leaping across rooftops is a surefire way a vampire team can claim victory.

Nosgoth TyrantThe Tyrant – Tyrants act as the juggernauts of the vampire team, having the ability to charge at speed, ploughing down any humans in their path; or leaping great distances, sending out a shockwave to damage and debilitate any nearby humans. Having the highest health of all vampire characters, their role is usually that of tank/defence.

Nosgoth ReaverThe Reaver – Quite a stealthy class, Reavers can leap at their prey, pinning them to the ground whilst at the same time swiping at their victim with their sharp claws. Reavers can also use certain crowd control methods that come in the form of smoke grenades which, when a human steps into the smoke, will blind them as well as reveal their location to all vampires; and choking grenades that emit an area-of-effect damage over time attack.

Nosgoth SentinelThe Sentinel – The vampire’s form of aerial offence. Sentinels can take to the sky and fly around the map scouting for the humans location. Swooping down from the sky, the Sentinel can literally abduct a human from the ground and carry them off into the air, eventually dropping them for heavy damage. Other forms of abilities the Sentinels can utilise are echolocation, which displays the location of all humans to the vampire team; bombs that can be thrown from the sky to explode and damage any nearby human; and more.

Nosgoth DeceiverThe Deceiver – An assassin class, the Deceiver can turn invisible for a short period of time or completely take the guise of a human from the opposing team. As a Deceiver you must outsmart your opponents and stay unnoticed to get behind them and launch a backstabbing swipe for heavy damage. Deceivers can also turn slightly invisible and emit a poison that spreads to all nearby humans, damaging them slowly.

Nosgoth SummonerThe Summoner – The vampire’s newest addition to their army, Summoners can live up to their namesake by summoning ghouls to chase down humans and attack them relentlessly until either the human or the ghouls die. Summoners can also launch a ball of shadow magic that charges up, damaging any nearby humans and then explodes to cause even more damage to unwary victims.


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