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Nosgoth Review


Humans make use of long-range weapons when pitted up against the menace of vampires, but they can also lash out in close quarters with a weak but sometimes effective melee attack. In close combat, a vampire is more often than not going to take a human down quite swiftly, but if you time your dodges and shots well enough you might just stand a good chance. Well coordinated teamwork is the best option for a human team.

Nosgoth HunterThe Hunter – Armed with a quick firing crossbow, the Hunter can fire rapidly at any vampire in their sights. Explosive rounds can also be fired from their crossbows dealing quite a decent amount of damage to vampires within it’s range. Utilising bolas, the Hunter can temporarily disable a vampires attacks and abilities, making them much easier to deal with.

Nosgoth AlchemistThe Alchemist – Alchemists have created their own blend of chemicals to form grenades that are launched from their weapon. Dealing a good deal of area-of-effect damage, the Alchemist’s weapon is a true asset to the human team. Using their deadly concoctions, Alchemists can create a wall of fire that deal damage over time to any vampire unfortunate enough to touch it; or drop healing liquids on the ground for all friendly teammates to stand upon and recover their health.

Nosgoth ScoutThe Scout – A sniper class for the human team. Scouts are armed with a bow and arrow which allow for zooming in on a vampire and firing with great precision to cause awesome damage. Scouts can summon a volley of arrows in a targeted area, damaging all who stand within it; or mark a vampire opponent, allowing all human teammates to see their location as well as deal extra damage to it.

Nosgoth ProphetThe Prophet – Prophets come equipped with a pair of twin dueling pistols that can fire at a rather quick speed but not as fast at the Hunter’s weapon. Acting like a support character, the Prophet can summon shields of protection for their teammates or transfer their own health to another friendly character, acting as healing technique.

Nosgoth VanguardThe Vanguard – A new addition to the human team, the Vanguard is armed with a throwing axe and a shield. Vanguards can use their shield to defend themselves as well as other teammates, or smash it into the face of an unsuspecting vampire, disorienting them and causing a good amount of damage.

All classes have a wide range of weapons and abilities to choose from. You can either save up gold to purchase the abilities/weapons temporarily at a cheaper price, or fork out quite a bit more to permanently unlock your chosen weapon or ability.

Premium currency can also be purchased with real money to buy weapons, abilities, skins, boosters etc. Skins and boosters can only be purchased using premium currency, but certain skins can be unlocked by levelling up your characters and other methods.


The tutorial phase of Nosgoth really eases you into the game nicely. Between level one to ten, players can choose to play with beginners who are also in the same level range, or go straight to the big league and play against veterans and novices alike.

There are tutorial stages for every class as well (given that you’ve unlocked them) that get the basics down for playing each character quite effectively.

After each class’ tutorial has been completed successfully, you will receive a reward in the form of a new ability that becomes available for that particular class to equip for seven days.

Aesthetic Charm

Nosgoth has incredibly impressive and detailed graphics yet can run extremely smoothly at the same time. During the initial few seconds of a round, I find it really fun just to move the camera angle around to look at the character I’ve selected to play. You can really appreciate the attention to detail Psyonix have gone to in order to make all the characters look really great!

The music and sound effects of Nosgoth give the game a nice touch of atmosphere and effect.

Nosgoth Scout

If you find yourself in amongst this kind of explosion, you’ve probably been seen by someone that you can’t.

Final Thoughts

Nosgoth is a really great game that allows for a large range of customisation options whilst at the same time, giving a deep PvP experience to all who play.

Only having two gameplay modes at the moment can sometimes feel a bit tedious as you’ll often find yourself sticking to Team Deathmatch because not many people seem to play Flashpoint.

If you live in Australia, it’s quite hard to even find a Team Deathmatch at the moment, hence why this review has been written by GameReviewsAU. We’d love to see more Aussies getting into Nosgoth as it’s an incredibly promising game that will definitely take you as a gamer to places I’m sure you’ll love to go.

I’ve scored Nosgoth four stars and not five because of the ups and downs that come with implementing new features. Sometimes it can be quite frustrating when you can’t even log in, but once the game has been completely smoothed out, it will definitely be worthy of a five star score. Head on over to Nosgoth‘s website and sign up for free now!
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4 Star Review

4 stars – great to get into when you can.

Good PointsPluses:

  • Engaging combat makes for awesome gameplay.
  • A wide range of abilities and weapons lets you play the way you want.
  • Working as a team is incredibly satisfying.

Bad PointsMinuses:

  • Very hard to get into a match for Australians.
  • If you’re unevenly matched, the match will easily shift in favour of the better team.
  • Matchmaking still isn’t very good.
  • Updates to the game can sometimes cause it to become unlaunchable until the next update is released.
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