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One Troll Army Review

Hark, The Enemy!

So the entire premise of the game is to protect the goblin’s fort and help it build up to be a mighty stronghold. But all the while this is happening, you are being constantly invaded by different kinds of enemies. From puny rats to mighty buffalo bosses, you’ll find your hands full most of the time.

One Troll Army Invasion

Looks easy right? Wrong!

Enemies gather in groups and rush at the goblin’s base once they’ve finished amassing. To let you know how close to an attack the enemies are at, a bar on the right hand side of the screen slowly fills. However, you can prematurely provoke the enemy to attack by sending the troll at them. This can be a smarter option to choose when you’re still starting off and want to collect as much gold as possible before either the troll dies, or the goblin’s base is destroyed.

When the troll dies you are given the option to surrender. But if the goblin’s base is fortified enough to withstand the wave of remaining enemies, you can leave things as they are and let the goblins take care of themselves. But if you do choose to surrender, you’ll lose any gold or loot that is lying on the ground.

Among enemy waves are bosses. These monsters are stronger than the usual ones and take a lot of hits to bring down. A good tactic for these baddies is the good old hit and run method. Although the hit and run method is quite good in general when dealing with invasions.

Some levels will start you off thinking there’s no way you can take on the strength of the monsters coming at you, but if you use your abilities and hang back until your cooldowns have finished and go back in again, you might very well stand a better chance at defeating them all.

Aesthetic Charm

One Troll Army Troll

Trolls are like onions! No wait… that’s ogres.

Graphically speaking, One Troll Army has some beautiful environments and character models. The troll himself looks pretty awesome, and you can purchase additional outfits to deck him out. There’s one outfit in particular that I find hilariously awesome and that’s the Donatello TMNT getup.

The background music in One Troll Army is pleasant to listen to, sound effects aren’t annoying and monster/character sounds don’t grate on your nerves.

Final Thoughts

One Troll Army is a rare find. Something this addictive usually isn’t free. And if it is, you’ll usually have to deal with a tonne of adverts or in-app purchases etc. However, the devs have been very generous in that there are no adverts and there’s only one in-app purchase.

The one qualm I have with the game is that it’s so short. There are only three scenarios to play through, but after you’re done with those, you can participate in an Endless or Survival mode. Endless is as it sounds and Survival makes it so when you die, it’s game over.

The difficulty is just right and I really hope to see more scenarios coming out in the future. Even if they cost a few dollars, it’ll be worth it after the developers lived up to their promise of making the game free if Twitch viewers could beat them at their own game.

All in all, One Troll Army is splendidly done, provides a very decent amount of gameplay and is free! Also, please fork out the $1.99USD and get the Costume Sets DLC if you pick up One Troll Army. The developers deserve it.


4 Star Review

4 stars – addictive tower defence game with a difference

Good PointsPluses:

  • As addictive as, if not more so, than Pringles
  • Outfits are really good for a laugh
  • Gameplay is enjoyable and strategic

Bad PointsMinuses:

  • Is over too quickly
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