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Royal Revolt 2 Review

Defending Yourself

Seeing as you can raid others, others can also raid you. Therefore it’s of extreme importance to make sure your castle gate is well protected.

To protect yourself you can customise how the path enemies follow is laid out along with where defencive structures such as blockades, cannon towers and many more are situated. Along with towers etc. your castle gate will spawn wave after wave of your own minions. Being on defence means you aren’t limited to just two types of minion to spawn.

Each wave is governed by morale. You can have up to forty-two morale points to play with. The amount of morale points needed to spawn a minion in a wave varies. The easiest units to defend against cost a small amount of morale points whereas the more difficult units will cost a lot more, so you need to plan your waves carefully.

The best part is once you have upgraded your kingdom enough, your pathway length, amount of towers and blockades you can use will be capped; making each players’ level on equal footing.

Another way to protect yourself from being raided is to shield your treasury. This can be done at the cost of premium currency or via a free three hour shield that becomes available once someone has raided you.

Royal Revolt 2 Kingdom

My oh so humble kingdom.



At the time of this review there are a total of twelve troops you can unlock. Starting with the heavy-handed yet lightly armoured knight all the way to the durable werewolf, you won’t get bored with switching different troops in and out to make better attacking or defending combinations.

Each troop has it’s own intricacies such as strengths, weaknesses and special abilities. For example, a paladin has a lot of health but doesn’t hit very hard whereas a mummy has lots of health, does a decent amount of damage and can also stun surrounding enemy units from time to time as well as spawn from right where your king is standing at the time of summoning.

Troops become available as you upgrade the Troop Academy or by completing PVE levels in the Dungeon.

Building an Empire

One part of Royal Revolt 2 that isn’t as flexible is how the kingdom is laid out. Your castle, farms, troop academy etc. are all placed in static positions so you can’t really customise how your kingdom looks one hundred percent. But you can upgrade your buildings like crazy which in turn change the look of said buildings.

Taverns and farms act as your resource generators. Taverns provide gold whilst farms give food which is need to conduct raids. Like most free to play games, each of these structures earn a capped amount of income which can only be increased by upgrades.

So your best bet is to upgrade these as much as you can in order to fully take advantage of their offerings. But make sure you regularly empty your tavern as enemy players can steal this gold from you as well as from your treasury.

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