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Royal Revolt 2 Review


Defencitivity is of course not a real word, but the options you have to defend your kingdom are certainly real enough.

To begin with you will need to build the path an enemy will be forced to follow in order to reach your castle gates. Make it wind around as much as you like to waste as much of your enemies time as possible.

Royal Revolt 2 Defence

Yes you are correct. My defence is surrounded by cakes.


Next come the defencive structures such as floors of spikes or towers that vomit out a high damaging poison onto all who stand within range.

Finally, mix and match your waves of troops to ensure the enemy king and minions will be forced to run away and run out of time or in the best result, die.

Armed To The Teeth

As a king, it’s your job to do the extra damage to minions and structures with your spells and weaponry. Each spell will result in a different outcome, for example: calling down a rain of swords to pierce all enemies and structures within a certain radius or even emitting an area of effect poison to all nearby enemy units.

Along with spells you will need to make sure you have the right gear equipped. Swords, maces, helmets, capes, and many more choices will be available to you either by purchasing them from a sweet old grandma accompanied by a giant green cat not unlike the cat bus from My Neighbour Totoro, or by winning them after a successful raid on an enemy’s kingdom.

Weapons and armour can also carry certain unique effects such as a boost to how much gold you steal from an opponent or extra damage.

The next best part of Royal Revolt 2 is the customisation option when decking out your king. You can change the colours of any piece of equipment as much as you like without spending a cent. Want to make yourself look like a deadly red ninja? Or even change the colour of your gear to be completely random with pinks and greens spouting from every limb? It’s completely up to you.

Royal Revolt 2 Customisation

Who couldn’t be frightened of this bad boy?



Raiding and stealing money isn’t the only point to this game. There’s also a leaderboard for those of you who enjoy the competitiveness of games like these.

Each time you raid or are raided, you will either earn or lose trophies, which act as the points required to climb the leaderboard. If you die or run out of time when raiding someone, you will lose trophies. If you win or successfully defend against an attacking player, you will gain trophies.

Trophies don’t really do anything apart from show you how well you are doing compared to everyone else. But there is another type of scoring currency shown as medals. The more medals you earn, the higher you will be ranked in league play.

With league play, you are positioned amongst up to fourteen other players who will be ranked depending on how many medals they have earned during a league. The higher you rank, the more premium currency you can earn at the end of a league.

Yet another reason to raid more and more players.

Aesthetic Charm

Royal Revolt 2 uses pretty up to date graphics which are very charming indeed. The music is really nice to listen to as well.

There are quite a few different environment options you can apply to your kingdom so as to stand out from the crowd such as a forest landscape or a lava-filled, mountainous scenery accompanied by it’s own appropriate soundtrack.

Troop noises and other sound effects thankfully don’t get on your nerves so you can play and play without being aurally driven mad.

Final Thoughts

As far as tower defence games go, Royal Revolt 2 is revolutionising the way they can be played. Getting into the nitty gritty of the fights and raids certainly provides you with a lot more depth and satisfaction. But what’s more is the pure amount of upgrades and unlockables there are in this game. You’re going to be stuck playing this for a very long time.


5 Star Review

5 stars – highly addictive and incredibly fun game to play.

Good PointsPluses:

  • Conducting raids is incredibly fun and mentally stimulating.
  • Troop and structure availability will keep you playing for ages.
  • Customising your king is extremely satisfying.

Bad PointsMinuses:

  • Treasure chests at the end of levels seem to not be about chance at all.
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