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Street Drift 86 Review


Street Drift 86 Customisation

A little bonus Max Power Games have given us is the ability to customise how your car looks. For a small price of $1.99AUD you gain the option to change the colour of six different aspects of the car you drive. Along with this, you can also unlock secret cars by pressing a specific sequence of colours when on the main body colour select screen.

Aesthetic Charm

With it’s basic pixelated graphics, Street Drift 86 reminds me very strongly of a game I used to play on Atari called Bump ‘n’ Jump which gave me a warm fuzzy feeling of nostalgia.

The animations are also very smooth and fluid making it much easier for your reflexes to handle.

Final Thoughts

The fact that Street Drift 86 was inspired by an idiotic stunt pulled on a busy Melbourne bridge made me have a few doubts about looking at this game. But once I looked closer I could see that there was more to it than poking fun at a serious issue.

The learning curve is quite steep if you want to contend with some of the high scores I’ve seen on the leaderboard.

Street Drift 86 is best suited as a quick game to play when you’re on public transport, sitting on the dunny or even when you’re just plain bored.

Friends who enjoy competing against one another will also have some good times trying to beat each others scores.

Street Drift 86 is free to play with a small fee to pay if you want to remove the ads and experience different cars. So if you feel the need to do a bit of drifting, download this game and make sure you don’t ruin your and other people’s lives by doing any real life drifting on busy public roads!
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3 Star Review

3 stars – fun way to pass the time and compete with friends.

Good PointsPluses:

  • Entertaining and competitive concept with some great physics.
  • Nicely captures that retro car racing game feeling.

Bad PointsMinuses:

  • Doesn’t quite deliver in terms of longevity.
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