Top Ten iPhone and iPad Games

Top Ten iPhone and iPad Games

Every gamer goes through the phase of searching high and low for their next favourite game. It can be an incredibly frustrating, demoralising and depressing venture when all searches prove fruitless. To try and alleviate some of that pain involved in prowling through forums, review websites and even assaulting your […]

The Banner Saga Review

Banner Saga Review

The Banner Saga describes an epic story of giants, humans and unnerving monsters known as the Dredge. Beautiful, hand-painted landscapes make up the world your hulking convoy of Varl traverse. Numerous stops along the way completely immerse you in the storyline, resulting in a constant want for more. Platform Used […]

Welcome to the launch of Game Reviews Australia – GameReviewsAU

Game Reviews Australia

GameReviewsAU was setup by an Australian gamer who is sick of not being able to find the right reviews at the right time. Whenever a Google search of Game Reviews Australia was used, the results would display so many websites that only had Australian branches. GameReviewsAU is 100% Australian made […]