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Ten Skyrim Secrets You May Not Have Known About

We all know that every game contains some kind of easter egg.Whether it be story changing or just a little bit of entertainment to tickle your inner geek. With the size of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, I’m sure no one is surprised by the pure amount of Skyrim secrets hidden hither and thither.

If you’d like to find out a few little interesting tidbits to look for during your first or hundredth play through then look no further! Read on and satiate your desire for knowledge!

*Warning – may contain spoilers*

1. Easier Pick Pocketing

If you really want to be the sneakiest thief around and steal absolutely everything and anything you can see without being caught, wander around until you find a bucket or basket. Centre your cross hair on the bucket/basket then hold down the interact button (defaulted to ‘E’ on PCs) until you pick it up. Carefully position the object onto the head of anyone who might see you during the dirty deed and make sure it covers their eyes. Now when you go to steal something, they won’t be able to see you and therefore you won’t get caught! Just make sure they don’t move and knock the bucket/basket off… otherwise you might end up with an arrow to the knee.

Skyrim Secrets Bucket Pick Pocket

2. Foxes Lead You to Secrets

Ever see those little foxes running around but decide to leave them be because you’re not a monster and won’t kill something so cute? Perhaps you should try following them!

Skyrim Secrets Foxes Treasure

3. Mining Made Fun

The animation for mining when you press the interact button at an ore deposit can be quite boring and tedious to watch. So instead, equip your mining pick and hack away at the ore yourself! There’s much more fun to be had using this method and it almost makes it seem faster…

Skyrim Secrets Mining

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