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The Greedy Cave Hints and Tips

The Greedy Cave by Avalon Games has the potential to provide you with hundreds of hours of gameplay. Our review details what the game is all about if you don’t already know, so why don’t you have a read and come back to The Greedy Cave hints and tips page once you’ve got the game installed onto your device?

Although The Greedy Cave is quite a simplistic dungeon crawler, it’s jam-packed with some pretty complex mechanics such as elemental attacks, weapon speeds, boss phases and more. For those who have found it a bit hard to get into, we’ve put together this little guide detailing The Greedy Cave hints and tips to hopefully help you out on your way down to level one-hundred and beyond.

Becoming a Hero

The Greedy Cave Character CustomisationAt the very beginning of The Greedy Cave you get the option to customise your hero with specific hairstyles, eyes and mouths. I only wanted to point this out because once you’ve created your character, that’s it. He will look like this for your entire playthrough unless you’re willing to spend some real-life money to purchase a potion that lets you change your looks. Being a gamer on a budget, I prefer to experience my games as cheaply as possible. So if you’re like me, be sure that you’re happy with how your hero looks, as it’s not going to be cheap to change.

Daily Spin

The Greedy Cave Daily SpinWhilst hanging around town, you’ll find a wheel that can be spun for free once a day. If you’re really looking to get some good gear, materials, potions etc. make sure you vigilantly spin this wheel every day. You can spin more than once per day by using the premium in-game currency. After your seventh spin you’ll receive a nice extra bonus which might be a decent amount of premium currency, a rare material for upgrading gear etc.

Slow and Steady

The Greedy Cave doesn’t pull any punches, and if you’re not careful, you might find this out the hard way only a few floors through the game. To begin with you only start off with some simple equipment and no money. You’ll find that, with this little amount of starter gear, you might only be able to make it to floor four or five on your first try. It can sometimes feel like no matter how much you level up, the game just isn’t getting any easier. The only piece of advice I can give here is to keep going. You’ll only get stronger through perseverance and a good amount of teleport scrolls.

Using teleport scrolls is the only way to escape a dungeon without dying. These can be found inside pots or dropped by enemies. By using a teleport scroll, you’ll be taken back to town and get to keep any golden items you’ve acquired or created during your trip into the cave, as well as keep any stat bonuses you’ve received via runes on the ground.

Only by teleporting and accumulating a decent set of gear will you truly be able to move forth without much trouble. Remember, if you die, everything you’ve picked up in the cave will be lost.


Like so many other dungeon crawlers, MMOs, RPGs etc. The Greedy Cave requires a good amount of grinding to progress successfully. To begin with you’ll always want to grind from floor one up until you reach around floor sixty. From here you should be able to tough it out and start off from floor sixty one.

If you really want to gain as much XP as possible, make sure you kill every monster on each floor. If you find yourself up against monsters that drain your health too quickly, look for other routes to kill other enemies.

Dungeon crawlers are all about the grind, so don’t be put off by having to start from floor one over and over again. Eventually it’ll pay off and you’ll be facing the nightmare difficulty in no time!

Stack Potions

Potions are your only way of regaining health apart from a heal ability that costs mana. Another good reason to start from floor one each time you enter the cave is to stack potions. These can be found in vases/pots or drop from monsters. The whole point in gathering heaps of potions is so you stand a chance against bosses or stronger enemies.


The Greedy Cave Secret RoomIn some levels you might notice a sparkling wall. If you walk through it, you’ll be presented with a room devoid of monsters, but containing stairs to the next floor, a golden chest which has a higher chance of dishing out good loot, a crystal chest that can be opened at the cost of premium in-game currency, and a pot.

Stats and Equipment Attributes

Your character is created with a base set of statistics covering the following fields: Attack, Defense, Power, Crit, Dodge, Mana, Health, Extra Gold, Extra EXP and Luck. They’re all pretty straight forward to understand what each does, but you can always tap on each stat whilst on the character screen in the game to find out more.

If you want to level up quickly from the beginning, I recommend putting one or two points into the Extra EXP stat so you gain levels faster than usual. Every five points invested into the red stats gains you a new ability to use in battle and every five points invested into the blue stats gains you a new ability to use outside of combat.

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