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The Greedy Cave Hints and Tips

Weapons all display how much damage they do as well as how fast they swing. You might come across a massive axe that deals a lot of damage but it’s speed might be slow. This means it will hit for a good amount of damage but at a slower speed. Alternatively you might find a dagger that’s very fast but doesn’t do much damage. However, it’s speed could possible more than make up for it’s lack of damage and end up being more powerful than the slower axe. To truly determine how much you’ll be doing, check out the area at the top of your equipment page and look at the numbers beside the crossed swords icon.

The Greedy Cave ElementsWeapons as well as armour can benefit from extra elemental attack or defence. Elemental attack will deal extra damage to enemies who aren’t resistant to it. I.e. You have 25 water attack and face off against an enemy with 20 water defence. They will suffer normal damage from you weapon as well as an extra 5 water damage (the difference between your attack and their defence). Elemental defence works the same way but opposite.

Elemental damage is quite handy to gain a bit more damage against enemies, but it’s hard to predict which enemies will be resistant to what at each level of the cave.

Sell, Sell, Sell!

After you’ve cleared every tenth floor, there’ll be a merchant who you can sell unwanted items to. You can also purchase extra potions or equipment from these merchants to help clear a few more floors. After a while you’ll find that you pick up quite a lot of junk gear that doesn’t provide any benefits when equipped. If you’re bags become full, take a look at the gear score (the number to the right of the gold star when an item is selected in your bag) of each piece of equipment to roughly estimate which will sell for more money. Generally the higher the gear score, the more you’ll get when selling it. Every piece of gold helps!

The Greedy Cave Enchanting TableUpgrading

Whilst traversing the multiple levels of this greedy cave, you might come across an enchanting table that allows you to upgrade your gear. As you’ll probably have noticed, you can obtain materials from monsters or piles of bones. These materials are for use at enchanting tables. As you get deeper into the cave you’ll come across higher level materials to provide better bonuses to a piece of equipment’s attributes. Materials will tell you what they provide, as well as the percentage chance it’ll work, when you pick them up, so make sure to hoard away the ones you want to keep for when you come across an enchanting table.

When you do manage to find a table, you’ll see what I mean about the percentage chance an item will be upgraded. You can put a maximum of three materials onto the table to upgrade a piece of equipment. The more you put on with the same attribute enhancement, the higher the percentage chance of success. If an upgrade fails, your equipment will remain the way it is and you’ll lose the materials you just used to attempt the upgrade.

Stat enhancements are assigned based on a RNG (random number generator). When you tap on a material you’ll see it’s potential upgrade range. So for example if a material says it’ll give 10-13 water attack, you’ll randomly receive any number between and including 10 and 13. This is why it’s a good idea to try and hoard materials. So you can try again to get a better (or worse) number.

The Greedy Cave Gold Touch AltarGolden-eye-zing

In order to keep anything you’ve picked up during a cave-crawl, you’ll need to place them at an altar to make them of gold quality. Gold quality items can also be picked up from chests or monsters. The altars are rather uncommon to come across, but when you do manage to find one, make sure to place any awesome equipment you’ve found during your crawl onto it and transform it to be gold quality. If you can’t find anything of real use to make gold, just place a decent material on the altar and take it back to town in gold form.

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