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(Ended) Zombie Hunter Inc Steam Key Giveaway

A few weeks ago, we reviewed a zombie hunting game called Zombie Hunter Inc. from Maya Gameworks. The game is still in the Early Access phase on Steam, but it’s a really fun zombie shooter that can be played solo or co-operatively with friends.

Congratulations to Anyhoo, FUKUJIRO and Ryan for winning our Zombie Hunter Inc Steam key giveaway!

A Little Gist About Zombie Hunter Inc.

Zombie Hunter Inc Characters

Customise your character with heaps of different skins!

Zombie Hunter Inc. is a top-down shooter that provides some great gameplay, unique to top-down shooters. The firing mechanics have been specially programmed to allow for everyone’s favourite, head shots! What kind of zombie game doesn’t have head shots?

Not only that, but you can also jump, and perform diving take-downs on zombies who have fallen to the ground.

Along with a challenging story mode, Zombie Hunter Inc. also has a survival mode where teems of zombies will come at you. It’s up to you to prevent them from reaching the other side of the screen by blasting away at them by yourself, or with a friend.

A number of guns and gadgets are at your disposal to dispatch as many zombies as you possibly can. All in all it’s a very entertaining game and you can read our full review via the link below.

Zombie Hunter Inc. Review

Zombie Hunter Inc. Steam Key Giveaway

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