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Armello Review

Stats Galore

As mentioned before, the fight stat determines how many dice you have to roll. However, the are other stats that decide how a particular character plays such as: Wits (controls how many cards you can have in your hand), Spirit (determines how far you can cast spells and also how much magic you will gain at dawn of each day).

The character’s have predetermined stat levels, but these can be built upon by completing quests. At the beginning of a match you are given three quests to choose from. These quests will grant you an extra stat as well as one prestige. Along with these you also have an optional part of the quest that grants you a bonus item, follower, Spirit Stone etc.

Armello Quests

I prefer to live life on the edge and always go for the dangerous option.

Quests are completed by moving to a specific hex on the play-field. Upon arrival the quest will trigger, giving you two (and sometimes three) options to choose from. There’s a dangerous option to choose and a safe one.

The dangerous option lets you know how likely you are to pass by displaying a percentage value. If you succeed, you are given a bonus for completing it. However, if you fail, you might lose health, gain rot etc.

Choosing the safe option will only give you the stat increase and one Prestige. But if you want the upper hand, it’s not a bad idea to choose the dangerous option no matter the chance of failure or success.

Once you’ve completed a certain amount of quests, you are given a quest that allows you to enter the palace unhindered. Usually the palace is protected by perils.

Armello Peril

You can burn cards marked with matching symbol to save your dice roll for other symbols.

Perils can be found anywhere in Armello where there is a purple flag. When facing a peril, you are chanced with succumbing to some kind of disadvantage such as losing health, becoming poisoned, losing gold and many other such hazards.

To pass a peril, you need to roll dice and have them match the symbols required to get past the peril successfully. I.e. A peril might require you to roll a swords, shield and Wyld die. If you do not, then you suffer the effects of the peril.

A player can place perils on parts of the play-field as well by using cards.


Armello Card Gallery

Watch the beautiful animations of each card whenever you want.

In Armello, everything from items to spells are usable as cards. The amount of cards a player can hold is determined by their Wits stat.

Cards come in five different types. Followers, Item, Spells, Trickery and Treasure. Followers will grant you a special effect such as being destroyed in place of your death. Item cards provide you with an advantage in combat such as extra dice. Spells can be used to do things such as teleport or move an extra space. Trickery cards can be used to lay perils on a hex. And finally, Treasure cards are extra powerful items to equip.

There are over one hundred beautifully animated cards to collect which can be viewed via the Card Gallery on the main menu.

Armello Haste Card

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