Far Cry 3 PC Review

To Arms!!

The weaponry in Far Cry 3 is not only easy to acquire, but they all pack a mean, satisfying punch as well. From handguns to flamethrowers to rocket launchers, you can get your gun fix pretty easily. The control and power of the weapons all feel quite satisfying, my favourite being the AMR which unlocks after you find 20 relics. A customised sniper rifle with an extended magazine, high power scope, explosive, penetrating rounds and enhanced damage at long range. Every shot you take with this monster leaves a creepy grin on your face.

Far Cry 3 Weapons
Ahh the AMR. Headshots make for good viewing.

You can only carry a maximum of 4 weapons with you at a time, but that’s plenty of room to keep your trusty AMR, Flamethrower, Rocket Launcher and Hunting Bow by your side. Machine gun turrets can also be found throughout the islands on vehicles, land and sea. Getting behind one of these activates ez-mode. Well, not literally, but the fire power of these bad boys mow down anything in your way, and the multitude of explosions that you’ll create, make for beautiful screenshots.

Jason is also equipped with a camera that can be used to zoom in and study an area to find the best get-in-get-out method as well as allowing you to tag the locations of animals and enemies. Tagged opponents will be visible through walls with a great big red marker over their head as well, so you can work out your strategy in safety.

It’s Not All About Killing Right?

Well not all about killing. The relationships between the Brody Bunch and co. develop exquisitely. There will be times when you get so lost in the cut-scenes that you can’t help but feel twinges of emotion when Jason’s exploits start to affect his friends & family.

Far Cry 3 Citra
Face mapping done right.

The level of acting throughout the entire game is well above standard compared to a lot of games. Motion capture techniques used in Far Cry 3 give each character the ability to express myriad emotions perfectly.

The presence of a talent tree also detracts from the killing but at the same time helps you become a much more effective killer. Talents such as the ability to slide from a running sprint or being able to use your knife to instantly take-down an unsuspecting enemy, show off just how well Ubisoft have honed their techniques.

Aesthetic Charm

Far Cry 3 Graphics
The scenery just goes on and on.

When it comes to graphics, Far Cry 3 provides you with a mesmerising attention to detail. Sunbeams shine through trees, clouds slowly drift across the azure sky, storms launch rain and fog to obscure your vision. I’m yet to come across any kind of graphical bugs or glitches but sometimes the quality of the water seemed to make it hard to tell if you’re near the surface.

Music from M.I.A. and Die Antwoord give Far Cry 3 an impressive touch to the amazing soundtrack. Atmospheric and intense music follows you on your journey throughout Rook Island and beyond, giving the game so much more to enjoy. Commandeering cars will also let you listen to some interesting music that comes over the radio which, thankfully, can be switched off by pushing the ‘R’ key on PC.

Final Thoughts

Not only are you getting a great action game with so much to do, but an enthralling story captures your heart and your emotions. The value for money Far Cry 3 provides is well worth the time invested to shoot and trip your way through to the ending. Even though Far Cry 3 was released in 2012, it could even now give plenty of current games a run for their money.

Definitely one of the games that I will remember for a very long time.


5 Star Review

5 stars – must have game

Good PointsPluses:

  • Massive map for you to explore and claim.
  • Character acting/voice acting is the best I’ve ever seen in a game.
  • Graphics are gorgeous and the the face mapping technology used is incredibly realistic.

Bad PointsMinuses:

  • Walking up stairs or small ledges can sometimes require you to jump.
  • Ending lacks the punch the rest of the game provides.
  • Voices of friendly native tribesmen sound like they’ve been recorded in a tin can.