Diablo 3 Eternal Edition Gameplay and Review – Nintendo Switch

Diablo 3 Eternal Edition Review

Oh I love the Diablo series and the sheer thought of being able to play it on a portable console like the Nintendo Switch got my blood pumping! It was the inspiration for me pouncing on those Black Friday sales and buying a Switch in the first place. Check out […]

Fallout 76 Gameplay and Review – Some Things Change Too Much

Fallout 76 gameplay and review

War… war never changes… but Fallout does in ways I wish it didn’t! Fallout 3 was a big step in a new direction, Fallout 4 provided some up-to-date next-gen graphics, but Fallout 76 is just rehashing everything we didn’t want to see rehashed. Platform Used For Fallout 76 Gameplay and […]

PAMELA Gameplay and Review – It’s So Dark

PAMELA Gameplay and Review

Wake up as a sleeper and then traverse through a world of endless darkness. That is unless you can find the light switch. Watch our PAMELA gameplay and review video below to find out more! Platform Used For PAMELA Gameplay and Review: Metabox Prime P650RP-G, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB […]

Aggelos Gameplay and Review – 16 Bit Memories

Aggelos Gameplay and Review

Ever get the urge to jump back into a classic platformer from the 90’s? Well with Storybird Games’ latest creation Aggelos, you can do just that! Play with your keyboard or a game controller whilst playing on your computer and enjoy the nostalgia. Watch our Aggelos gameplay and review video […]

Moonlighter Gameplay and Review – Humble, Homely and Hearty

Moonlighter Gameplay and Review

Dungeon crawler fans are going to love this but traditional RPG fans are going to find it… slow. Moonlighter by Digital Sun released at the start of June and it’s received plenty of positive feedback. But does it stand up to everyone’s expectations? Watch our Moonlighter gameplay and review video […]

Shape of the World – Ethereal Dreams

Shape of the World Gameplay and Review

Shape of the World takes the first-person gaming genre and injects it full of beautiful dreamlike landscapes and an ethereal soundtrack that will leave you feeling like you’ve just come out of a relaxing warm bath. Watch our Shape of the World gameplay and review video below to find out […]

Omensight Gameplay and Review – IT’S GROUNDHOG DAY

Omensight Gameplay and Review

When’s the last time you pit your wits and sleuth brain against a murder-mystery? Never? Well get started with Omensight! This action/adventure game mixes in some murder-mystery elements in such a satisfying way that you’ll wish you tried murder-mysteries earlier! Watch our Omensight gameplay and review video below to find […]

Forgotton Anne Gameplay and Review – Why is it an ‘O’ and not an ‘E’?

Forgotton Anne Gameplay and Review

Have you ever lost a sock? I haven’t. Have you ever lost someone called Anne? I also haven’t. I have, however, realised that they’ve spelt Forgotten with an ‘o’ instead of an ‘e’. Watch our Forgotton Anne gameplay and review video below to find out more! Platform Used For Forgotton […]

Let’s Look at Black Desert Mobile – The Epitomy of Beauty

Let's Look at Black Desert Mobile

2018 looks like it’s going to be the year of the Korean mobile game. With so many beautiful games heading our way, we couldn’t wait for Black Desert Mobile to finally launch in English. So we headed to QOOAPP and downloaded the Korean version there! Watch our Let’s Look at […]

Attack on Titan 2 Game 59 Second Review – It’s Finally Here!

Attack on Titan 2 Game 59 Second Review

The first Attack on Titan game was pretty damn good, but the horrible PC controls made it nearly unplayable. It kinda put me off games like this on PC but I am so glad I gave Attack on Titan 2 a chance. It is so amazing and immerses you in […]

Final Fantasy Awakening 59 Second Review – I Think I Fell Asleep

Final Fantasy Awakening 59 Second Review

  Oh hack ‘n’ slash mobile games, how I love you so. Tapping away at attack and ability buttons, implementing strategies and upgrading weapons and gear to overcome stronger foes is such a joy! But it would seem the aforementioned criteria doth not maketh a game. Watch our Final Fantasy […]

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition 59 Second Review

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition 59 Second Review

  We’re taking a different approach to video reviews today. This is the first of (what we hope to be many) 59 second game reviews. We felt that Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition is the perfect game to be our first 59 second review as it’s already a condensed, abridged […]