Tom Clancy’s The Division Review

Tom Clancys The Division Review

Tom Clancy’s The Division is a bit topsy-turvy. One used to buy a Tom Clancy novel purely for the story, however now you buy a Tom Clancy game for the gameplay and not really pay much heed to the story. I guess that could be why The Division’s storyline is […]

Far Cry Primal Gameplay and First Impressions

Far Cry Primal Gameplay

Far Cry Primal has been out on consoles for a week longer than it has on PC, but as soon as it was released on Steam, we got straight into it and started recording some gameplay footage. So far I am incredibly impressed! The PC version of Far Cry Primal […]

Far Cry 3 Review

Far Cry 3 PC Review

A visually stimulating world packed full of jaw dropping moments thanks to the incredible character acting and voice acting. You’ll never be left wanting from the moment you watch the first cut scene to the explosive final moments of your journey. The islands are teeming with enemy bases to commandeer, […]