Online Gambling and how it Compares to Online Gaming

Online gambling and how it compares to online gaming

Over the past 20 years, online gaming has become easily accessible. With the rise of online gaming came an increase in online gambling. Some consider gambling to be an evil because of the high risk of addiction, but is it much different to online gaming? Read more about online gambling […]

Five Promising Games That Were Cancelled – They’ll Never See The Light Of Day

Five Promising Games That Were Cancelled

Gaming comes with highs and lows. The highs are usually provided by promises of amazing games to come, but sadly some games never see the light of day and are axed before they’ve even had a chance to truly shine. Sure, games come and go, but sometimes there are announcements […]

MyPostcard App Review – Send Postcards To Anywhere In The World

MyPostcard App Review

Have you ever found yourself somewhere in the world wishing someone you love was with you? Perhaps you want to send them something physical, hand-written by yourself? With MyPostcard app, you can do so with ease right from your own phone! Read more in our MyPostcard app review below! Website: […]

U-Dimensions 3D Printed Collectibles

U-Dimensions 3d Printed Collectibles

3D printing is becoming more and more popular as technology gets more advanced. We’re already seeing things like 3D printed food, human body parts and machinery. It’s obviously taking the world by storm! And because it’s so popular and readily available, it’s a perfect opportunity for game developers to start […]

Card Chronicles Preview (updated)

Card Chronicles Preview

Indie developer John Crisp, is working on a neat little game called Card Chronicles. With a mix of The Witcher’s Gwent and Final Fantasy VIII’s Triple Triad, what we’ve seen from this game is very promising! Read more about the game in our Card Chronicles preview below. *UPDATE* You can […]

(Ended) Watch This Steam Key Giveaway

Watch This Steam Key Giveaway

We reviewed Watch This! a while ago and have got our hands on an extra Steam key! So we’re running a Watch This Steam Key Giveaway! Watch This! is a first-person, platformer with elements of horror. Jump your way to victory or become victim to the nefarious traps lurking around […]

Crazy Freekick World Preview

Crazy Freekick World Preview

From indie developer taleyoLife, comes the reflex testing soccer (or football if you prefer) game on Facebook. taleyoLife is the creator of other games such as the highly entertaining mathematic knowledge tester, Rechenheld. Learn more about this simple, but challenging game in our Crazy Freekick World preview below! Crazy Freekick […]

Arcane Dragons Soft Launch

Arcane Dragons Soft Launch

We’re excited to announce the free-to-play Arcane Dragons soft launch in Australia, Canada and New Zealand! According to developers, Redbana, the Arcane Dragons soft launch will be ready on October 12, 2016 (PDT) on the Google Play Store for Australia, Canada and New Zealand. The iOS release will follow soon […]

We Happy Few Gameplay and Preview

We Happy Few Gameplay and Preview

Dystopian futures are always interesting to experience in novels and games and We Happy Few provides an incredibly unique take on how the future could be! See what we thought in our We Happy Few gameplay and preview video below! Platform Used For We Happy Few Gameplay and Preview: Gigabyte […]

Heroes of the Storm Machines of War Release

Heroes of the Storm Machines of War Release

Combining all of the Blizzard game universes into one game is such an awesome idea, and the fact it’s a MOBA with unique mechanics makes things so much more fun. Recently Blizzard have released their latest expansion of Heroes of the Storm called Machines of War. Check out our Heroes […]

(Closed) The Technomancer Steam Key Giveaway

The Technomancer Steam Key Giveaway

We recently reviewed The Technomancer and have got our hands on an extra Steam key! So we’re running a Technomancer Steam Key Giveaway! The Technomancer is a cyberpunk RPG packed with some awesome enemies and massive bosses. The game lets you fully customise how you wish to play and will […]

Pokemon GO Hints and Tips

Pokemon GO Hints and Tips

Pokémon GO has taken the world by storm, but there are a few things that don’t get fully explained to you when you begin. Our review details what the game is all about if you don’t already know, so why don’t you have a read and come back to our […]